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Feb 14, 2020 1:20 PM ET

Vivaldi 2.11 released with new keyboard tricks and pop-out video improvements

iCrowd Newswire - Feb 14, 2020

Vivaldi Technologies has released Vivaldi 2.11 for the desktop a moment ago. The new stable version of the Vivaldi web browser is available as a direct download from the official company website and as an automatic update from within Vivaldi provided that automatic updating has not been turned off.

To run a check for update in the browser select Menu > Help > Check for Updates. The browser queries the Vivaldi server to find out if an update is available, and if it is, downloads and installs it.

Tipfind out how to speed up the Vivaldi web browser.

Vivaldi 2.11

Vivaldi 2.11 introduces several usability changes including focus shifting when using the keyboard, support for dark and light settings of the operating system, and pop-out video improvements.

Operating System Theme support improvements

vivaldi operating system theme

Vivaldi’s rather unique theme scheduling feature, introduced in Vivaldi 1.4, allows users to change themes automatically based on the time of day.

The company introduced a new option to the theme scheduling feature that honor the theme setting of the operating system. Just open the Settings of the web browser and check the “Use Operating System Theme” option under Scheduled Themes.

There you may select a light and dark theme that you want applied to the browser.

Focus Shifting

If you use keyboard shortcuts in Vivaldi, which is without doubt one of the strengths of the web browser, then you may like the new focus shifting feature when using the keyboard.

Vivaldi engineers mapped functions to the F6 key to cycle between major interface elements. Tap on F6 to cycle between different areas such as the webpage, bookmarks bar, tab bar, and address bar. From there, it is easy to use the keyboard to navigate to certain elements, e.g. by using the arrow keys.

F6, and Shift-F6 which reverses the direction of activation, are enabled by default in Vivaldi 2.11.

vivaldi pop-out

The pop-out video allows you to watch videos in a dedicated frame by moving the video content to its own video. Vivaldi has supported the feature for a long time but up until now, it was a bit cumbersome to activate it.

Vivaldi displays a pop-out icon in the video interface when you hover the mouse over it. A click plays the video in its own frame, another moves it back to its original location.

Other improvements

Vivaldi 2.11 comes with upgraded developer tools according to the release notes. Another change improves fullscreen tab casting.

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