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Feb 14, 2020 10:00 AM ET

Lake City Florida woman is killed in a fatal crash. How can personal injury lawyers assist afterward?

iCrowd Newswire - Feb 14, 2020

A woman from Lake City and one other victim were killed following a collision on State Road 47 in Florida.


Car overturns while travelling on State Highway

The Florida Highway Patrol investigated the crash and released a formal statement detailing their findings. The 45 year old female victim was driving southbound on SR 47 at around 3 in the morning. When the road curved towards her left side, she seemed to have lost control of the vehicle and failed to follow the path properly. Her vehicle left the road, went into a ditch right next to the edge of the street, and started to flip over. The Chevy Camaro she was driving hit a wood pole that was used for power lines. The vehicle came to a rest near the wood line bordering the highway. This area is just off of Southwest Douberly Court in Lake City.

Both the driver and her passenger, a 22 year old woman from Georgia, were found dead when police arrived on the scene. They are unsure if the incident was caused by alcohol, drugs, medical problems, or simple driver error. Officers from the highway patrol also found that neither victim was wearing a seatbelt when they arrived on the scene. At the time of the news report, police were still in the process of completing their investigation and determining an exact cause.


Personal injury lawsuits

When someone is hurt in a car accident, they can contact a lawyer who practices locally to file a personal injury case on their behalf. All personal injury cases are a subsection of tort law where a victim attempts to find the person or business responsible for their losses and force them to pay through the court system with a civil lawsuit. The specific action that personal injury lawyers file in most situations is related to negligence.

A negligence case says that another person, usually the driver of another vehicle or their own vehicle if they were a passenger, breached the standard duty of care required on the roads and caused some kind of losses and harm. These losses can be tied to things like property damage, medical treatment and hospital stays, missed time from work, or permanent conditions that affect a person’s ability to function normally.


Wrongful death laws

If someone dies in the accident, there are special rules that must be followed as set out in the state’s wrongful death laws. Lawyers who focus on this area of practice know how Florida’s wrongful death law will affect your case.


What are the chances of winning the case?

It is only possible to get details regarding the potential outcome of a case after discussing your specific accident with an attorney. The type of injuries, insurance process, and financial losses are different in every case, so your lawyer will need to know about all of this.

Most civil lawyers charge a contingent fee, which means you only pay them out of the earnings if they win the case. This protects clients against the possibility of losses. 


Get help from a local accident attorney in Lake City

There are firms available to help in your city in Florida. Get in touch with Koberlein Law Offices to get more information. 

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