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Jan 22, 2020 9:25 AM ET

Paler, Still - a new play Help anseo|anois theatre, a brand new Irish company, take their debut production Paler, Still to Brighton Fringe 2020

Paler, Still - a new play Help anseo|anois theatre, a brand new Irish company, take their debut production Paler, Still to Brighton Fringe 2020

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 22, 2020


First, a bit about the company… 

anseo|anois theatre was founded by Amy Kidd, Éanna Grogan and Oonagh Wall. Three young artists with no intention of waiting for the phone to ring and a shared passion for creating work that challenges and reflects the world we live in: work for the here (trans. anseo) and the now (trans. anois).

anseo|anois are proud that their roots as a company are firmly in Ireland and are driven to carry that great tradition of Irish storytelling to a contemporary audience. 

Paler, Still – a new play by Oonagh Wall 

(written in collaboration with the cast)

Éanna Grogan and Amy Kidd in rehearsal.

Nothing grows in Dublin anymore. 
 Concrete, glass and grey. The landscape is the same everywhere. 
 Beyond the Pale, in the rural Irish boglands, an abandoned Hotel rots. 
 This would be a safe place to stagnate.
 Or so it seems.

Set in a near-future where the Western World has eaten itself into anonymity and another recession: Paler, Still is a new dramatic-comedy and is anseo|anois theatre’s debut production.

Paler, Still tells a story set in Ireland, but it is not just a story for the Irish. This small country is a microcosm for something we see happening all over the Western World. The poverty gap widens, some opportunities only available to a select few, society circling back on itself again and again and our play asks, what is the cost of progress? What of the past is lost as we charge into the future? Are some people always left behind? And, if we despair at society, can we simply opt out?

So, now you know all about the company and the play…

Why do we need your help? 

As a brand new fledgling company anseo|anois need a little help to fly the nest! 

The new generation of theatre makers must come from somewhere; we intend this to be the first of many theatrical ventures for anseo|anois and support at this early stage invaluably helps us on the road to fulfilling our high ambitions. 

We are premiering Paler, Still at The Lantern Theatre for the Brighton Fringe in May. 

Our target of €2000 will go towards the following costs… 

  • Brighton Fringe Registration Fee
  • Costume, Props and Set for the production
  • Lighting and Sound Design
  • Technician Fee 
  • Director’s Fee 
  • Printing Posters and Flyers 
  • A Marketing Campaign
  • A lovely programme 
  • Insurance 

Following our Brighton Fringe run we plan on bringing Paler, Still to Edinburgh in August and finally home to Dublin in September. If we are lucky enough to exceed our target for this campaign, any extra money will go straight to taking Paler, Still on the next leg of it’s journey… 

Follow us on social media to keep up to date!

Facebook: /anseoanois 

Twitter:  @AnseoT 

Instagram:  @anseo_anois 

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank The Lir Academy for providing us with rehearsal space and The Lantern Theatre for programming and supporting us. 

As a new unfunded company any support is invaluable to us, any donation big or small will mean so much to us and will go a long way towards helping us realise our debut production to it’s fullest! 

Risks and challenges

The play is written. The actors cast. The venue booked. Honestly, our key risk and challenge is right here on the screen in front of you. If we don’t reach our target of €2000 we get nothing, if we get nothing we will still put on a play, but at personal cost – and we don’t just mean financially. We believe we can make great work, sadly that is much more challenging with no money. So, if you’re able, please donate to help us create the best environment for that work to flourish!

Contact Information:

anseo|anois theatre

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