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Jan 22, 2020 9:35 AM ET

Overcome Songs of faith, love, and justice. A debut album of original music

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 22, 2020


 Kickstarter page photos above by, Bobby Davis.

Marcia in IMA Studio Control Room B 2.26.17, photo by Jennifer Matias

 With this album I give you my heart.


My name is Marcia Gomes. I am a singer songwriter living in Western Massachusetts.  I am so excited about the April 2020 release of my debut album: “Overcome: songs of faith, love and justice.” The album is a labor of love and the culmination of years of writing and performing. I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Songwriting in ’96 and I am also a full-time public school English teacher.  In the summers I teach voice and songwriting to pre-teen girls at the Institute for the Musical Arts’ Rock the Summer program. I love working with young people, and teaching has consumed much of my time and energy. Now I have the opportunity to record some of my original songs as I hear them in my head and heart.

Writing and playing this music has helped to heal my soul.


My musical style is a blend of jazz, R&B, and gospel. Several songs on this album were answers to late night prayers for God to send help to loved ones in crisis (Reach One). Others were cries for justice and peace in response to injustice and violence in the world (Trayvon, Overcome).  Some songs are mantras to build hope, to create a safe space to cry and love our souls back to wholeness, to increase our capacity to have compassion for human suffering (Peace Be Unto You and Life’s Another Chance). Writing and playing this music has helped to heal my soul. I hope it brings healing to others as well. The world is desperately in need of healing right now.

Dear Family and Friends,

With your love and support these songs will finally received the wings they deserve!


June Millington at the IMA Studio 2.26.17, photo by Jennifer Matias

 I have the deepest gratitude for my stellar producers, June Millington (June Millington) and IMA: Institute for the Musical Arts  and studio engineer, Lee Madeloni (SayReal).  Thanks to their guidance and the talented musicians who play on the album, these eight songs have finally received the wings they deserve.  It’s been an honor and pure creative joy to work with these award-winning musicians: June Millington (guitars, vocals), Lee Madeloni (drums, percussion, bass), Miro Sprague Miro Sprague (piano), Dave Picchi of The Vermont Jazz Center (bass), Jon Fisher of The Green Street Trio (drums), Samirah Evans Samirah Evans (vocals), Evelyn Harris Stomp Box Trio (vocals), along with my sister Renee Gomes (vocals), and my niece, Nataja Spring (vocals).

We are now just a heartbeat away from placing the actual album in your hands, but it won’t happen without your help.

Lee Madeloni, Jon Fisher, Marcia Gomes, David Picchi, Miro Sprague in Control Room A of the IMA Studio 2.26.17, photo by Jennifer Matias
Renee Gomes, Marcia Gomes, Lee Madeloni, June Millington, Nataja Spring in Control Room A of IMA Studio, 8.18.19, Photo by Jennifer Matias


January 2020:  We have just about finished the recording and over-dubs for each track.

February 20/March 2020: We will be mixing and mastering.

March 2020: In March, we will send the mixed tracks out for duplication and printing.  By the end of March, we hope to have the actual albums in our hands. 

April 2020: We will celebrate with a CD Release party in April!

BUDGET: Where the money will go…

  • Finishing the album (producer and engineer, editing, mixing, mastering)
  • Creating and mailing physical copies of the album
  • Production and mailing of rewards
  • Musicians for CD Release concert
  • Traveling
  • Kickstarter Fees


With your help, this Kickstarter campaign will launch these special songs and the healing power of this music into the world and into the homes of those who need it most.

Please spread the word to support this fundraising campaign, so I can finish the mixing, mastering, and duplication of my debut album,Overcome: songs of faith, love, and justice. Please donate what you can and share the link to this campaign with family and friends.

Thank you in advance for supporting this project!  Please check out the great gifts you can receive for your donations in the rewards tab.

Marcia Gomes Overcome T-Shirt
IMA Dinner and Songs by the Fireplace Package Marcia Gomes and June Millington; photo by Jen Matias
IMA Dinner and Songs by the Fireplace Package Lee Madeloni, Marcia Gomes, and June Millington; photo by Jen Matias

Peace, love, blessings, and beautiful music to you and your loved ones.

Marcia Gomes

Risks and challenges

There is always a degree of risk when creating art and fundraising, but with the guidance of experienced, successful crowdfunding advisors, we have faith this campaign will be successful and all the hard work that has gone into it so far will be rewarded. Help us to finish this amazing album. Please give what you can to help us reach our goal! Please spread the word far and wide so others can help too! Thank you again for your support!

Contact Information:

Marcia Gomes

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