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Jan 22, 2020 8:35 AM ET

Creating More Cuteness Studio Upgrade! New smaller kiln to help create more ceramic cuteness

Creating More Cuteness Studio Upgrade! New smaller kiln to help create more ceramic cuteness

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 22, 2020


Cats and Talking Bubble Magnets

Help Create More Cute:

Hi everyone! I need your help to create more cute in 2020! To do this Studio Mimmi needs help funding a new kiln. The current kiln at Studio Mimmi is very large and because clay kitties are small it takes a VERY long time to fill. It can fit over 400 cats which is months of work. This has resulted in shop updates that are not as often as I would like and a long turn around for completed work. 

A smaller kiln will allow for: 

  • Batches of work to be completed more often
  • More shop updates 
  • Creating items with gold luster (oh shiny!)  
  • Allows for more testing and faster exploration of new ideas  
Cat Buddies (aka Double Decker)


Your choice from DOZENS of cats! I’m most excited to be offering you all an opportunity to tell me which kitty you would like made. At Studio Mimmi, I hand-sculpt so many different kitties it can be a long wait for your personal favorite to come back around. Below is the list of cats you can choose from. You can also visit my Instagram @StudioMimmiCeramics for more pictures. Please keep in mind that because each one is handmade they all have slight differences that make each one unique. 

 You Pick Cat Adoption!

  • Shark Cat 
  • Dino Kitty* 
  • Strawberry Cat  
  • Bee Cat   
  • Prickle Puss / Cactus Cat    
  • Winged Kitty*
  • Ice Cream Cat*  
  • Fishin’ Kitten* (fish in mouth)  
  • Rose Covered Cat    
  • Mushroom Cat  
  • Top Hat Aristo-CAT  
  • Cat with Yarn Ball 
  • Purrmaid (shell or starfish)
  • Ghost Cat   
  • Zombie Kitten  
  • Bat Cat   
  • Tombstone with Ghost Kitty   
  • Skeleton Cat   
  • Pumpkin Stack Cat   
  • Witch Hat Cat (spiderwebs, stars or black)   
  • Snow-MEW (scarf or ribbon)  
  • Gingerbread Cat   
  • Top Hat Cat with Holly   
  • Cat Inside Pumpkin   
  • Pumpkin with Ghost Kitty
  • Cat Buddies* 
  • Vase Cat*
  • Rainbow Cat 

 *Cats with color options. You will receive a list of choices if you are interested in that cat 

Bee Cat, Rose Covered Cat and Strawberry Cat

About Studio Mimmi Ceramics: 

At Studio Mimmi I have been creating cute full time for almost 2 years. It has been a whirl wind of unexpected challenges, rewards and personal growth. My name is Carrie Kitzke and I am a professional creator of cute. My love of ceramics started as a kid, but the opportunity to explore that passion didn’t arise till my junior year of high school. I was 18 when I received a scholarship for my art. It was the validation I needed to pursue ceramics and it gave me much needed direction. I worked and continued my education. It took me four years to save up enough money for my first kiln which my parents made space for in their basement. I’m still working from my basement studio with my cat Mimmi who has been with me every step of the way. 

Mini Mews

Thank You: 

I’m so grateful to being doing what I love full time and all your help means the world . Seriously, couldn’t do this without your help. Thank you for following along on this journey. Whether you have been with me since my first show in 2017 or just found me, thank you for helping me share joy by creating cute. 

Dino Kitties in Costumes

Project budget

Taxes & Fees
Last updated January 20, 2020
This is a projected budget provided by the creator and may be subject to change.

Risks and challenges

Creating things by hand (especial working with a kiln and high temperatures) there is always a risk of work exploding, cracking, glaze malfunctions and kiln misfirings. Even the most experienced ceramic artists cross their fingers and hope for the best when turning on the kiln. That being said, the biggest risk is work having to be remade. However, the smaller kiln would make that issue much less troublesome. I have planned in extra time, just incase of issues arising.

Contact Information:

Studio Mimmi Ceramics

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