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Jan 22, 2020 8:50 AM ET

Bridging the Gap A podcast exploring the transgender experience, sexual abuse, life, love, memes, and D&D

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Hi, I’m Brigid and I’m a 30-something trans woman living in Michigan with a lot to say. All my life I’ve been told that I have a voice for radio and lately as I’ve transitioned I’ve been told that I am skilled at communicating my story and my experiences. 

I started transitioning in late 2018. It’s been over a year and I’ve learned so much about life, beauty, discrimination, privilege, fear, bravery, and a million other topics.

Bridging the Gap!

About the Project

This podcast is a chance for me to try and share my story with the world. The story of a one-eyed ginger kid who spent 30 years trying to fit in and feel like a man only to discover that there was a deep and powerful reason they couldn’t seem to achieve those goals. 

I want to share my story with the world for a few reasons…

  • To encourage other folks who are struggling with gender identity
  • To inspire people who feel like the challenges they face are insurmountable
  • To provide laughter and entertainment around otherwise dark/heavy topics
  • To have a creative outlet through which to share ideas and thoughts

About the Show Itself

The structure of the show has actually already been decided and things like music and guest hosts are already in the works and will not require investment. The release schedule has not been decided on just yet. It’ll depend on editing and guests and so forth. 

The title of the show is a play on my name, specifically the pronunciation of it and the idea of transition being a bridge between my past self and my future self (thanks to @__francesann__ on instagram for the name!)

What we know…

  • 30-45 minute long episodes
  • Each episode will be hosted by me and at least ONE guest host (some recurring)
  • Topics include: Pre-transition life, relationships, mental health, transitioning, trans topics (misgendering, what not to say to a trans person, the abstract concept of gender, etc), and others (D&D, video games, movies, tv, music)
  • Each episode will have a segment about the primary topic and a Q&A segment where the guest host can interview me and I can answer questions submitted by listeners
  • Music used in the show will ideally be provided by local (or indie) artists that I know personally (Hopefully including; Jayem “Charlie” Wolf, Disinherited, Bellhoss, etc.)
  • Some episodes may be more of just me interviewing my guests instead of talking on my own

Where Does the Money Go?

Any money raised by this Kickstarter is going towards initial equipment costs and hosting fees. It all depends on how much we raise. 

Bare minimum I’d need about $200 for a microphone, mount, boom, peripherals, and hosting fees.

But ideally I’m hoping to get an AKG Project Studio P220 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone ($134), a Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Broadcast Boom ($109), a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface ($160), peripherals, and hosting fees.

If we exceed the goal, I can afford better equipment including editing software.


So with $1151 I’m looking to buy…

  • 2x AKG Project Studio P220 Large Diaphragm Condesner Mics (currently listed on amazon for $149/ea = $298 total)
  • 2x Hel Sound PL-2T Overhead Brodcast Boom (currently listed on amazon for $109/ea = $218 total)
  • 1x Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 [3rd Gen] USB Audio Interface ($160)
  • 2x silent office chairs averaging about $195 ea (total $390)
  • TOTAL = $1066
  • With any remaining money going towards any art or music provided for the show AND shipping costs for backer rewards


  • January 1st, 2020 – Launch Kickastarter
  • January 30th, 2020 – Kickstarter Ends
  • March 1st, 2020 – Release Episode 1

Thank You!

Any support you can provide would go a long way towards helping me achieve a lifelong goal of using my unique voice and experience to help others. Whether that support is monetary, or in the form of sharing a link to this page, or even just messaging me saying you love me… it’s all support. 

I love you all and I’m so proud of you!

Thank you!


P.S. REMEMBER: Kickstarter is an ALL OR NOTHING platform! We need to hit the goal in order to make this happen!

(Squirrel logo: original lineart by Deviantart user Uluri, colored by me)

Risks and challenges

Consistently releasing episodes, amount of content, hosting fees, advertising/marketing, delays in writing thank you letters and doing thank you art.

Contact Information:

Brigid Pierce

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