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Jan 14, 2020 2:50 PM ET

V.Kind Clothing A vegan clothing brand to spread the word about this amazing lifestyle and to also help spread kindness

V.Kind Clothing A vegan clothing brand to spread the word about this amazing lifestyle and to also help spread kindness

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 14, 2020

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We are Emma and Joel and we have started V.Kind Clothing to spread the word of this amazing lifestyle and to be kind to all. 

It all started when Joel found out he had lymphoma in his neck, it was stage 2, we have some friends who are vegan and healers and they told us to watch some documentaries on healing yourself with plants and energy healing so we did and after one day of watching them we went vegan, Joel went on a 3 month healing cleanse with fruits and vegetables and energy healing, he then had surgury and had the lump removed and tested, it came back as nothing, they also found something in his stomach from a pt scan and after the 3 months and surgury he had a scop done and they couldnt find anything, we believe he has healed himself with plants and energy. 

So why V.Kind? well we wanted to create a clothing brand that everyone could wear not only to spread the word about vegan but to spread kindness, we have seen so much hate and bullying and it needs to stop  we need to be kind to all humans and animals to all souls. 

We wanted it to be subtle so that anyone can wear them and create designs for all types, we have an Ocean design for the ocean lovers, a fitness design for all health and fitness, ladies design and we are wanting to expand to kids and other clothing. 

We have already sold a few shirts in the past 4 months of opening and are starting to get a following on our social media. 

Our plan for 2020 is to bring out a VKids range and other clothing pieces. 

Emma creates all the designs for the shirts and runs the social media, Joel is the man behind the business. 

We are hoping to raise funds to expand this and grow this business so we can help spread the word to just be kind to all. 

Risks and challenges

Possible delay in production due to incorrect stock/sizing been sent, this was quickly fixed with the supplier. Also we currently have a small following on our social media pages but this is growing and more work is being put into our social media accounts.

Contact Information:

Joel Hewitt

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