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Jan 14, 2020 12:00 PM ET

The Sweats - Audible Symmetry Audible Symmetry

The Sweats - Audible Symmetry Audible Symmetry

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 14, 2020


The Sweats, not to be confused with “The Yogas,” consists of 5 extremely handsome gentlemen with roots in the loose, warm trouser and hoodie wearing occupation who occasionally obliterate the rock biosphere with their explosive interpretation of instrumentation auricle sweetness. The Sweats music is reminiscent of that of an endangered California condor mating call mixed with the earliest grumblings of the earth’s creation. In 2020 The Sweats will take their exceedingly distinguished live sound into the studio for the soul determination of satisfying the demands of their 5 prevailing fans. While not play-acting as rock deities, each representative upholds the responsibilities of daddy, and in one case “cool uncle”, the drummer. This accountability rejects each fellow admittance to their own currency and would immensely appreciate any contributions to the astonishing sound inspiration that will greatly shift the face of human existence for the better. Prepare to be transformed, inspired, and in most cases unsatisfied wanting more. We look forward to sharing our music with you! Upon completion, each funder will be awarded an early release of our album and admittance to a private record release party featuring The Sweats, and possibly The Yogas, if available.

Band Members: 

  • Scott (Vizual Prophet) Muir – Percussions, Harmonica
  • Nick (Midnight Pupil) Daloisio – Guitar
  • Travis (Vocal Mercenary) Durfee – Vocals, Guitar
  • John (Quiet Genius) Michael Sincock – Drums
  • Rob (Phantom Specialist) Kurcoba – Bass

Music in video:

A collaborative bathroom recording between members titled “Caught in a wave”. A song which we will be recreated as a full piece in the studio.

Risks and challenges

The entire project will be much more expensive then our requested donation amount.

Contact Information:

Rob Kurcoba

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