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Jan 14, 2020 11:00 AM ET

The Comedy Lab Comedy Club in Biloxi, MS

The Comedy Lab Comedy Club in Biloxi, MS

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 14, 2020


The Comedy Lab

We want to create a Comedy Club in Downtown Biloxi.  For the last year or so, the Wayward Kraken has helped build and promote a comedy scene on the Gulf Coast, and we’re hoping to build a place that will give the city another great option for nightlife activity as well as attract some of the best talent in the country.  Below you can see some of our early concepts for the place!

A collage of 3D renders of our floorplan. NOTE: Chairs and tables not to scale. They’re in the model to represent areas designated for seating.

The Plan So Far…

Canonblue and L.B., the owners of the Wayward Kraken Pub, have located a wonderful location in Downtown Biloxi, at the corner of Howard Avenue and G E Ohr Street, in the heart of the District/Vieux Marche.  The lease is secured and outside investors are being brought in to do the heavy financial lifting.  We’re asking for your help to lighten the load on some of the club hardware.  Specifically, if this project is backed, we will use the funds to purchase an ice machine, a floor cooler, a keg cooler and tap system, a light set and a high-definition camera for live-streaming comedy sets, as well as building materials, paint, and flooring for the location.  The remainder of the work to get the Lab up and running we’re handling concurrent to this Kickstarter, and expect to open late first quarter 2020!

A Map of the Location of the Comedy Lab. In the heart of Downtown Biloxi, in walking distance of the Wayward Kraken, The Sandbar, Mermaid Bar, Fillin Station, Adventures, Fuji, Mary Mahoney’s, Mugshots, Patio 44, the Beau Rivage, the Hard Rock, and so much more. It’s the perfect location for a weekend-event nightspot!

Who We Are:

The Owners of the Wayward Kraken are Canonblue Lebatard and L.B. Wilson III.  They’ve been in business on the coast for 3 years, and have been friends for 13 months.  Nonconsecutive.

Canonblue is the heart of the Wayward Kraken. A woman of many talents, CB runs a successful photography practice where she travels around the country snapping killer pictures of killer musicians. Her studio, C.Blue Photography, is also among the most respected family and event photography on the Coast. In 2016, she opened the Wayward Kraken Pub, a bar for nerds that quickly became a home-base for hundreds of gamers, dweebs, geeks, freaks, and misfits. Canonblue is Team Mystic, Team Indiana Jones, Team Boxers, Team Car-mel (because apparently she just ignores that extra A in that word), Team Jacob, Team Lestat, Team America, World Police, World’s Funniest Home Videos, Bob Saget is Awesome, Didn’t Really Get Into the Full House Reboot, It Wasn’t Bad or Anything, Just Missing Something, wait, what?
L.B. holds Masters Degrees in History and Education and formerly taught grade school in Boston and college history at the University of South Alabama and Mississippi State University. In 2010 he started Hub City Tabletop (a community group for gamers in Hattiesburg, MS) and HubCityMinis, a miniature painting studio that specializes in wargames and DnD miniatures. In 2016, he and Canonblue opened the Wayward Kraken, where he’s worked diligently to become The World’s Latest Person to Whatever We’re Doing. He may also have invented DuckFace.

Tentative Budget:

We pride ourselves on business transparency.  Hopefully some of you reading this are Wayward Kraken regulars and bar-family, and you know what we mean.  For the rest of you, we’ve always worn our business, for good and for ill, on our sleeve, and we think crowdfunding should be no different.

With the $12k we’re attempting to raise, $2k of that will immediately go to Kickstarter (which is why we’re asking for 12).  With the remaining $10k:

– We want to secure a serviceable under-counter ice machine for cocktails.  We expect to pay between $1200 and $2000 for that.

– We want to buy an 8ft floor cooler for cold beer and frosted mug storage.  The one we bought at the Kraken cost $2500.

– We want to buy a keg-cooler/kegerator for draft beer.  The one we bought for the Kraken cost $1400.

– We want to personally make a number of chairs and barstools from distressed wood and sturdy metal.  Barstools, bought from the market, tend to run about $30-75 each.  We think we can build the ones we need for about $45 each, and between chairs and barstools and high-top seats, we need about 40 of them, which totals $1800.

– We want to replace the carpeted flooring in the location (gross) with either tap-together laminate hardwood floors or (depending on the state of the flooring under the carpet [again, gross]) resin-pour or acid-wash the concrete underneath to give a glossy, cool ambiance.  Between materials and labor, we expect that to run around $2500-2800.

What do I get?

Starting now and continuing throughout the time we’ll be in business, the Comedy Lab will be reaching out nationwide to book the best comedians in the country.  As a backer, we’re hoping you share our love for stand-up and we hope that you see the handful of A-List comics that come through Biloxi every year on the Casino circuits.  With your help, we hope to expand that list of comics, and in exchange, we are offering free tickets, redeemable at any of the shows we book, to all of our backers.  For those higher-tier backers, we’ll even be offering backstage VIP passes with complementary cocktails and meet and greets with any of the acts we book moving forward.  Skip the line, meet the comics, drink for free; perfect for a date night or to meet that star we bring to town.  Thank you all so much for checking this out, and thank you for your contribution.  We love you all, and we can’t wait to get this thing running!


Risks and challenges

The greatest risk to launching this program is funding. We’re working that angle currently by courting outside investors who will own small pieces of the Comedy Lab in exchange for up-front seed money. The most LIKELY risk and challenge is that the comedy market on the Coast is not yet ripe enough to sustain a club in the long term. That IS a gamble, but it’s one we’re confident we can win. Between the communities that we’ve already built and fostered, the communications and networks we’re currently creating with Comedy Night at the Kraken, and the great friends and talented comics we’ve met from Austin, New Orleans, Hattiesburg, Mobile, Pensacola, Tallahassee, and Atlanta, we expect to be able to not only book shows twice a week year round, but to host an open-mic night once a week as well to keep the performer (and customer) base around the Lab working, improving, and growing.

Contact Information:

L.B. Wilson

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