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Jan 14, 2020 12:10 PM ET

Fantasy Miniatures INFINITE DIMENSIONS - Fantasy Miniatures in 15mm for use in any roleplaying or tabletop miniature battle game

Fantasy Miniatures INFINITE DIMENSIONS - Fantasy Miniatures in 15mm for use in any roleplaying or tabletop miniature battle game

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 14, 2020


Never before in the History of gaming has there been such a time as What we live in today.   We exist in a paradise of fantasy miniatures availability!  And I am not just talking about overly large (and pricey) “Heroic” scale figures, but instead I speak of the one and true perfect scale of 15mm.  The companies and sculptors producing 15’s have gone far beyond the generic ancient/medieval warrior and common mythic monster to an unparalled scope of Fantasy tropes.  However… I am not satisfied with this golden era of toy soldiery and have decided to add more magical creations for our ever growing addiction to fantasy miniatures. 

A random assortment of all the unique and inspired models I am offering. Check out the complete collection in better detail by viewing this entire list of offers. (Its loooong but worth it.)

Building the evil army of plate armored knights, crossbowmen and ogres is great! Savage hordes of Orcs and goblins riding wolves and pigs is epically cool to march onto the battlefield.  Even the gaudy but deadly Elven host with great eagles and antlered cavalry is inspiring.  But don’t we all secretly dream of something more like succulent silk pajama clad Harem girls peeking over their gossamer veils while brandishing heavy scimitars?  WELL DREAM NO MORE!  I proudly bring to you Flying Carpet Riders, Scorpitaurs, Desert Rat Riders, Giant Spider Cavalry, Evil Spider Knights and more…..

 Flying Carpets

Persian Fantasy Flying Carpets- You get 3 carpets (one to the right is shown bottom up), 3 bases (cast with lead sprue but suggest you drill and pin the carpets) 6 Harem beauties = two each of 3 poses, and 6 genie bottles (or maybe they are throwing down flamables/explosive)
“I Dream of Genie” death from above. I have no idea whats in those bottles?
Painted samples
Fantasy Persian Dancer

 Harem Warriors

Harem Warriors Pack- 12 models of silk veiled fury. You get 7 different models in the following mix. 2 each of the melee armed beauties – two handed axe, bow, two handed scimitar, spear, bottle thrower, 1 (one) fan bearer, 1(one) Dancer.
Painting bright silk colors is a nice change of pace from the normal steel and leather of most troops.

My Project

After 40+ years of collecting, painting and playing fantasy miniature games, I decided the dragon horde of lead models was not enough.  So I stoped kit bashing other figures and started sculpting my own.   I scoured art stores and the internet for sculpting knowledge and tutorials, and played with different mediums and tools.   I fell in love with the creative process and sculpted everything from Pokemon to DaVinci inspired war machines.  I realized however that while having a unit of 12 unique models was great looking the time invested to produce them would never get me the “armies” I desired.  So I took the next logical step that any sane man would do and looked for a manufacturer to make molds and reproduce my models in mass.  

 Eunuch Guards

Eunuch Guards Pack- 12 models of Persian trope goodness. Bare chested, over-wieght, turban helmet warriors in silk pants. You get 2 models of 6 different poses armed with mace, halberd and scimitar plus 4 separate shields.

My plan

What I am presenting to you today is the result of my roughly 3 year adventure in sculpting.  I have as of this writing purchased 6 master molds containing 60 + figures and armaments that I have sculpted.   Master molds are made, with a rubber best suited to picking up the details from a hand sculpted model or “green” without destroying it, so you can spin cast master casting in lead/pewter.  All molds wear down in the process of having molten metal forced into them, then cooled, opened, and repeated.  The master mold rubber deteriorates much faster than the heavier production mold rubber and are not suited for “mass production” but to cast “master” figures of the best quality to be used in the production mold process.   

My 1st batch of greens April 2019, getting ready to ship to be master molded.

My goal for this kickstarter is to produce production molds, cast a bunch of models for supporters and of course cast the units I wish to build and play.   Production molds cost roughly $100 each and can fit 12 to 18 models in 15mm scale.   To produce a unit of 12 of the same figures you can either put 1 master model to a production mold (along with 11 or more different models) and thus need to spin it 12 times or put 12 master models in a production mold and only need to spin it once.  There is obviously alot of variations on this and with over 60 models can be quit a complex problem.  How do you fill orders of variable models without either having excessive production molds made or minimal molds with maximum model variation which means to get the unit of 12 figures you end up with 12 leaders and 12 of everything else in the mold.  By doing this kickstarter I will be able to determine the best mix of models to put in the least amount of molds based on the orders/demand.  I hope you can see what an advantage this “crowd source” funding has for manufacturing, truly a great tool!  

 Desert Monsters

Fantasy Desert Monsters Pack – 2 giant scorpions in 2 variants= one long tail with slim claws and one massive claws with shorter tail, 1 (one) “Scorpitaur” half human half scorpion mutant, 1 (one) giant Cobra with desert tribesman handler/rider, and 1 (one) Djinn/Genie spirit emerging from his bottle prison through a cyclone of smoke.
To give you a better “size” understanding – These monsters are mounted on 40mm x 40mm bases


This is not a normal”I am company A with a new figure line that you can buy later at my online store” type of deal.  I am not asking backers to help me stock a new line of figures.  I am grateful for the manufacturers and stores, but I have no desire to become a retail outlet.  Once this KICKSTARTER is funded (which I hope it does), these models most likely will never be offered again!  I am not going to be spending my time operating an online store after this, but instead I plan on painting and basing models as well as sculpting more and hopefully better, wilder figures.   You will see there is a master class reward of purchasing all the molds and masters should anyone feel they want to open a store or an existing manufacturer want to expand their lines, but I am not counting on this reward level for success of this project.  So if you are inspired by these models and concepts, don’t hesitate to click that pledge as these are probably a one in a lifetime deal! 

 Fantasy Persian Warriors 

Fantasy Persian Warriors Pack – 3 Desert Kangaroo rat mounts with 3 turban headed warriors. The riders are empty handed to be armed with either scorpion tail clubs and half claw shields or standard buckler and spiked truncheon. 3 Sultan foot warriors weilding twin scimitars. 6 separate capes of two styles to add dynamic motion to both riders and footmen. You could also mix this reward with the flying carpets and create a more masculine air unit.
Painted samples. (please dont judge my painting or photography too harshly)
Possible Command group made with a mix of models and minor modifications. Missing a Flag. I usualy do paper banners so I will have to come up with maybe a scorpion emblem or oasis.


15mm fantasy gamers?  Who are we?  I have pondered this question for decades.  Tabletop rules range from element stands to units in the 30’s.  I have also noticed a huge uptick in RPG’s using 15’s or the skirmish games of single figure basing.  My thoughts in trying to service every players potential needs is to offer a small quantity of mixed models in a reward.  I hope this provides the smaller size game with “elements” and characters by purchasing 1 reward while larger size game systems can order multiples of the same reward to create 3 or 4 large core units. 

I have tried to base the rewards on figure groups of 12.  This will mainly be 2 of each of 6 different models.   At $10.00 reward levels this means most foot figures are running .83 each (the $100 pledge gets you 11 packs so they are roughly .75 each then).   Larger models such as mounts and monsters take up more room in a mold and also use more metal and as such you will see there are fewer in a reward and are harder to pin down a “per figure” cost.  Suffice it to say that twice the size = twice the cost.  I do want to say that my pricing is not arbitrary and I have done everything I can to minimize the cost while still maintaining a fair estimate to breaking even on this. 

 Giant armored spider cavalry

Giant armored spider cavalry- You get 4 Beautifuly creepy giant spiders sporting metal spiked leg guards. Riders are 2 halberd trident armed and 2 varient riders with more armor and armed with a pole rope noose (my thought process being these riders capture their enemies enabling their venom injecting mounts to more easily do their job) The spiders are shown top and bottom view and obviously you need to do a little glueing as the right legs are seperate.
Spridrax Cavalry-I have always been bothered by giant spider cav having riders sitting on the abdomen. My thought is heavy leather greave type boots that alow the riders to kneel over the center of mass / thorax of the arachnid.
starting dolly and concept notes
Spider Empire worshipers of Arachnia painted so evil in dark muted tones that they photograph poorly …sorry

Spider Empire– or my generic evil troops who have a decidedly 8 legged fetish.  The spider riders were some of the very 1st figures I sculpted and are still some of my favorites.  The fighters are a very “Marauder” style warrior caste with a mix of weapons and armor such as deamon face breast plate, Black widow hauberk on the bowmen, skull helmets and non-standard weapons etc.  Great look as a warband. 

 Spider Empire Warriors

Spider Empire Warriors- Decidedly evil men sporting a variety of elaborate arms and armor such as web embossed shields, fang style cestus, skull helmets, black widow armor, and deamon face breast plates. Also the 4 armed mutated soldier produced by foul experiments or dutiful worship of the spider god and the Ettin 2 headed/faced disfigured ogre. You will recieve 4 pairs of warrior models, a pair of hooded priests one with hour glass staff one with bomb and torch plus the 2 individual monsters for a total of 12 miniatures.
Deamon armor
Mutated warrior with oven mitt cestus blades..grrrrrr
Some reposes of the warriors. This was all pretty much finger bending so you can see how easily you can get a nice dynamic look from a single pose.
More reposes, I do alot of “flat- arms stretched out” poses because I know I like the freedom of giving my troops a less regimental look by simple bends.
Still more reposes- This guy was my pit fighter insperation and the shield is fitted with a “fang” style cestus type weapon, easy to cut/file off if its too outrageous.


Slayers- This is the only “unit” style reward and consists of a Spider Empire knight in heavy armor and full helm with a spider crest. Armed with a great hand and a half sword with extended hilt (they use these as both a 2 handed crushing weapon and a long reaching almost spear like thrusting weapon). A kite shield with bold spider emblem completes the look. I have sculpted 3 varients of this model and this reward pack will have 4 models of each of the 3 varients for a total of 12 figures + 4 seperate shields.

 Slayers of the spider empire – Full helms with eye slit and grill mouth guard with 3D spider crest.  Chainmail with heavy plate on breast, back and thigh resembling bone.  Spider emblazoned kite shield and beautifully massive bastard sword.  These are third generation models which I ended up making a fully armored dolly, seperate weapon and shield and casting them so I could pose and sculpt the varients.   A decidedly expensive and time consuming method for getting that look of uniformity in different poses.  I am just not good enough to sculpt 3 models that all look like the same figure.  In mass these troops are going to look great.  The reward will give you 12 figures- 4 of each pose + 4 seperate shields for the overhead strike pose (attach to back, hang from arm etc.)

Here are the master casts with some ink front and back views

Spidrax Slaver – The most ambitious model I’ve done to date.  My spider nation creative juices were flowing as I pondered a war engine component for these troops.  What evolved was a huge bi-level platform atop a gigantic “Portia” inspired arachnid.

Concept sketches

Look up Portia spider and honestly you will find some of the most unrealistic looking “real” spiders ever.  Sculpting the spider, though large, was fairly easy while making the decks and walls were the most difficult.  I soon wished I had 3D printing skills as the geometric proportions and straight angles were very hard to get right doing it free hand.

The parts- there will be 4 walls and 2 balista (mount atop each log post upright) I only sculpted 2 and 1 as I plan to double cast them with the master mold. Notice the leggs? I have 2 sets of different styles- again once I get a cast set I will determine which looks best for production.
The designs in nature are awesome. See the leg dilema: chitin-hair-chitin-hair OR hair-chitin-hair-chitin I am not completely crazy as the leggs are also 2 slightly different sizes as longer thinner vs. shorter thicker. Too many decissions to sculpt 8 examples of each grrrrr
Very difficult sculpt as testing parts and how they fit together was very tedious.

I have female crew steering the ships wheel, firing ballista, reloading and throwing heavy cabel lines with great hooks down on the enemy (I realized after the sculpting you would refer to them as “hookers?” oops).  I have several barbed nets, banners with web icons or spiders and several shields that can be used to decorate the structure as desired.  This model will probably be a combination of resin and metal and I can only estimate the production cost at the moment but hope to keep it reasonable.  This is a BIG model and if I get this project funded I will post this model as a stretch goal.  

The last models I produced and had cast were a group of very diverse mounted figures.  My goal was to create unique and varied mounts with an equal number of riders that could be mixed and matched to produce a large variety of fantasy cavalry.  I even produced 3 styles of saddles and 3 styles of blankets thinking this would add to the individual looks (I have excluded them from this kickstarter as I dont think the demand would merit the cost).  

Fantasy Cavalry Experiment

Fantasy Cavalry Mounts -Buffalo- War Rooster(2 tail feathers seperate)- Cataphract- Deamon Steed- Jackalope (seperate head and antlers). Fantasy Cavalry Experiment Mix and match for custom cavalry by choosing 4 mounts and 4 riders. You get 4 of the same model mount and 4 of the same model rider. Choose from “Buffalo”, “War Rooster”, “Cataphract”, “Deamon Steed”, or “Jackalope” as the mounts and choose from “Evil Knight”, “Savage”, “Cataphract”, “Amazon” or “Levy” as the riders. You must note clearly what 2 model types (rider and mount) you wish to have 4 of with each $10.00 reward level pack.
I was able to do a Buffalo varient with head raised, so I will mix these in with any order.
Fantasy Cavalry Experiment riders- “Evil Knight” – “Savage” – “Cataphract” – “Amazon” – “Levy”
Example – Deamon Steed w. Evil Knight (the shield is in the shape of fist, very ominous)
War Rooster and Amazon. The amazon has a bird skull helmit and a multibone vambrace plus feather anklets.
I almost kept it as a plucked chicken but my friends talked me out of it…sigh
Or maybe you prefer Amazon with Jackalope (please note the rabbit head was not finished at the time of this photo)
OR maybe the Levy mounted Jackalopes fits your Frontier Fantasy Empire troops type better?

If you have read this far you can tell that my tastes in figures and fantasy are far too varied and ever expanding.  To me the Savage has its own cool “look” when mounted on a Deamon Steed,  is certainly great (and expected) mounted on a Buffalo and has similar appeal to both when riding a giant War Rooster or Jackalope and I simply cannot decide the best combos. 

Excuse my repeating myself but I just want to make sure everyone understands how I am packing these mounted models.

The Fantasy Cavalry Experiment pack will be for mounts in groups of 4 of all 1 model i.e. 1 pack will contain = 4 buffalo OR 4 Deamon steeds etc.  Paired with riders of 4 of all 1 model  i.e. = 4 Amazons OR 4 Evil Knights etc.  You need to write in the specific mount and rider when ordering each of these packs.  

Example you might pledge to get 4 Fantasy Cavalry Experiment packs, and will note 2 groups to be “War Roosters” (4+4=8 models) 2 groups to be “Buffalo” (8 models) Then pick the 4 types of riders to be 2 groups “Savages” (8 models) 1 group “Amazons” (4 models) and 1 group “Levy” (4 models). 

I apologize in advance that some of you are saying to yourselves “why not mix and match any mount and riders, they all cost the same?”.  I am just afraid that if done per-piece that the variety of orders will end up a big request for one type and variable amounts of others creating a logistical nightmare in placing them in production molds and ending up with excess castings, costs, loss of my brain cells, etc. 

Savage and buffalo Green
More match up examples.

Last but not least are the Mercenary Dragoons of the Tulgey Woods-  Anime inspired proto-gunners riding giant Isopods (yes Rollie Pollies).  These mounted troops dont move any faster than infantry nor do they charge headlong into melee.  Their unique qualifications however make them a living strongpoint as when they dismount and kick their Isopods into a rolled defensive posture they become a living armored wall from where the riders loose a deadly hail of projectiles into their foes.

 Mercs of the Tulgey Woods

Mercs of the Tulgey Woods- Unique Anime inspired Dragoons you recieve 2 Isopods(pillbug) walking, 2 Isopods defensive roll, 2 human gunner riders, 2 human gunners standing


The ever looming question in this ever shrinking world is “How much does this cost to mail?”.  Well I will honestly tell you that based on numerous sites I believe I have determined the most cost effective “flat rate” shipping that should hold true for any orders under $100.  For you international folks (those outside the USA) I have my fingers crossed as I am not sure what additional hoops and tricks will pop up.  I do promise to do everything I can to get these models shipped at the lowest cost.


Yes I am finally done (he says as he continues to type and post pictures….).  I have a few minis I have not included due to volume and unique subject matter.  As seen by the photo I have had these cast mainly just filling space in various molds.  I hope to have these doing the same thing for the production molds.  Depending on how well this Kickstarter goes I hope to be able to throw a few of these in with orders as special thankyous for early backers. 

amazon, moon princess, peace-bot, mini Zilla, muskateer, Harpoon atlatl thrower, axe man (not shown- Kung Fu master ) how do I offer these? Currently I am not planning too. I am going to put these models in molds as fillers and or if space available as such I dont know if I will have a few of each or alot? I will however promise to include a random model of one or two of these to any backers who pledge in the 1st ten days of the kickstarter so if you see anything you love just note it down in your order and I will do my best.

Kickstarter suggests this is where I am to introduce my team and other tidbits.  As you can see I am just an old time gamer working on my own with just my wife and 2 kids who politely compliment me anytime I force them to look at some strange wire armature covered in putty.   I hope you can see some value in my work.  I am no Julie Guthrie or Tom Meier but I think amongst the flaws there is some rough gems.  I am very excited about working with this platform of crowd funding, a truely amazing concept that conects people like myself with people like you and look forward to feedback wether this project funds or not.  Thanks for looking and good gaming.

Scale comparison- DemonWorld, Splintered Light, Battle Valor, Black Raven, as you can see all these models size well together.

Risks and challenges

The risks are pretty minimal at this point as I have already purchased the master molds for 90% of the models. This means once the project funds all that needs to be done is determining the distibution of models into production molds and having those molds done and models produced. I have been working with Valiant Enterprises and have had nothing but top quality proffesional service from them. They are well established in the industry and manufacture models for many other miniature companies. I have gone off their production time estimates and am very confident that the models can be produced and delivered as per the proposed time line. This is my 1st Kickstarter, could there be some unforeseen hiccups? Well of course there could be but I don’t see any reason that this project should not produce the product promised in the time stated. I will be closely monitoring the process to help assure that the hiccups that do occur will not be felt by any of you.

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Timm Meyers

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