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Jan 14, 2020 11:30 AM ET

-CHRONO CLAVIS- soloing full-length 3DCG animation

-CHRONO CLAVIS- soloing full-length 3DCG animation

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 14, 2020


CHRONO CLAVIS: Soloing full-length 3DCG Japanese style animation with Hearing loss


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“CHRONO CLAVIS” is the original full-length 3dcg animation created by just only one person-Makoto Kuga- an ordinary Japanese lady who works as an office worker in Tokyo.



Nicklaus,  captain of Hleasbelgr, was on a mission in space with his best friend from school days, sub captain Jay, pilot Arnold, and other young crews.

Summer vacation suddenly caused by unexpected engine trouble. While the crews went on a vacation, Nicklaus, Jay, Arnold, three of them, recalled their school days and went out into space with fighters.

but unluckily, they made an emergency landing on the unknown planet.

At the asteroid with a view of the dry desert-Nicklaus meets a mysterious boy.

/Nicklaus.G  The man who assumed office as a captain of battleship Hleasbelgr which built by his father’s company”Nova power industry”

/Jei Alberno E  sub captain of battleship Hleasbelgr. The top graduate of classroom lectures in the military academy. He was not  willing to become a sub captain in the first place however fooled by a captain.

/Arnold.W  CAG of battleship Hleasbelgr. grown at an orphanage. and now he turned to 31 and suffered from back pain………..

/Rai.I: love curry                     /Van.D: love friend             /Bran.S: want to lose virginity.

/Edwald.G    Father of Nick.

/Creig.I    The party guy.

/Rue.T    mechanic of battleship hleasbelgr.

Hi, thanks for checking my kick starter page and thanks for reading this page so far. My name is Makoto Kuga,an ordinary office worker from Tokyo, Japan. 

“Unfortunately, my childhood was not blessed enough.

domestic violence from my family,

the suicide of a brother

and now, I lost my hearing which never comes back.

I was feeling like, God telling me to kill my self as soon as possible.

But I say No.

because I have to finish this work.because I have to thank all the people who supported me.

when I was a child, creativity was armor to protect myself from the world fulfilled with toughness and sadness.but not anymore.

now, creativity and, the goal of completion of this project is the hope I have left in my hand. I gave up everything, love from family, brother, my hearing, normal life, a body without disability, career which I have lost at the same time as hearing loss.

But, not this time. I’m staring straight at the goal to not get lost anymore.

On a sunny day, on a rainy day, I have never stopped for this project, and I realized that it is now 10 years since I started this project. I hope you would support the last run of this story”

Your Best Makoto Kuga

If you are interested please follow my personal twitter account

if there is any request,I will tweet in English and announce all WIP of Chrono Clavis.  












陸 眞

Risks and challenges

The completion of this project is expected to be done by December 2021- December 2022. In case of the unexpected trouble-for example, a huge earthquake-there may be a delay in the schedule. In such a case, I will inform you in Kickstarter and Twitter.

Contact Information:

Makoto Kuga

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