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Jan 14, 2020 11:35 AM ET

Chessmaster Stickers Jan 2020 rerun Holographic foil Chessmaster stickers

Chessmaster Stickers Jan 2020 rerun Holographic foil Chessmaster stickers

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 14, 2020

Project image for Chessmaster Stickers Jan 2020 rerun


For those who missed the boat on the first set, I’m printing a smaller second run of the Chessmaster stickers which I designed. Like the original set, these will be 1 inch by 2.8 inches and printed on holographic foil by Stickerapp

As a smaller run of 300 instead of 600, prices will be slightly higher than before, at 27 cents per sticker. Pay for only as many as you want in your pocket, OR pay it forwards to help me hit or surpass the total goal. Extras that I have will find homes at the Boston show or with other TMBG friends. Thank you for supporting!

Risks and challenges

This kickstarter closes on Saturday, Jan 18. Stickerapp has a turnaround of about 2 weeks after the campaign is closed, meaning I will most likely have the stickers by the beginning of February. Like last time, I will be mailing them in Forever-stamped business reply envelopes, with cardstock to prevent bending. These envelopes took less than a week to arrive in nearby New York but up to two and a half weeks to arrive to Canada. If you want your stickers in time for a show, keep that time constraint in mind!

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