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Jan 14, 2020 3:40 PM ET

Celebrate the Lady in Your Life Your daily spend has power to influence global change from the bottom up

Celebrate the Lady in Your Life Your daily spend has power to influence global change from the bottom up

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 14, 2020


The Objective:

The objective is to establish a brand empowering women. Not a vague brand name that can have any meaning. A brand name to represent commonly understood values considered empowering for women.

The Mission:

Establish a new brand representing the values that equality minded persons identify with.

The Reward:

A Venetian Glass Jewelry Jar to treasure your jewelry. Ideal for holding jewelry used daily. Large enough to hold watches with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. 

Venetian Glass Jewelry Jar
Made in Venice Italy on the Venetian Glass manufacturing Island of Murano in the Venetian Lagoon. Venetian Glass is highly desired so it is of a similar standard with the jewelry you will treasure within it. You can choose your preferred color, one of either yellow, blue, green, or orange.

Project Objectives:

  • This project goal is gather enough money to pay for a promotional film to properly position Amazonian Lady as a female empowering brand. 
  • This is also a social experiment to see if in this Me-Too era of greater focus on equality if such a brand as this really could resonate with people. 
  • If we receive at least 10 pledges for production then then we will be on the path to permanently establish this brand.

Why is this different?

 Traditionally women align themselves with many fantastic brands that represent many things. But existing brands are not known to be a brand that strengthens and empowers women.  They may suggest they assist women but rarely would we ever see a cosmetics brand sponsor female academic achievement or female sport.

Why Amazonian Lady?

An Amazonian Lady is a capable woman growing with confidence becoming a role model others seek to emulate. The Amazonian Lady brand is more than just a beauty or fashion brand, Amazonian Lady is a brand representing capable accomplished women that women could choose to align themselves to vote for equality and enable us to advocate for equality.

Why this Jewelry Jar?

The first product is this jewelry jar because it is related to the tradition of using gifts to communicate honor, thankfulness, love and respect for each other. This jewelry jar stores and treasures your gifted jewelry reinforcing these positive messages. Being made of Venetian Glass ensures you receive a high quality gift. It is also a very practical gift that will last a lifetime to become your heirloom to be passed down through generations. This jar will forever reinforce positive messages associated with jewelry gifts and gender equality.

If you are gifting this Jewelry jar to someone then once you have made your Pledge, you can email this image to inform them their gift is on its way.

Download this image once you make a pledge

Reward Options:

You will see we also have non Venetian low priced rewards that you can gain. We have created Amazonian Lady branded recycled glass jars containing cosmetics clay mask. Both the jar and the mud mask are sourced from ancient Mesopotamia near the Mediterranean from the location rumored to be the source used by Cleopatra. As Cleopatra is an iconic Amazonian Lady then we feel creating this lower priced reward to enable more participants to be ideal.

There is a low priced $300 Venetian Jar containing the same Cleopatra style mud mask as a limited alternative to combine Venetian glass with the mud mask.

The Venetian Glass Jewelry Jar rewards are listed as follows:

Gift Box:

Each Jewelry Jar is delivered to you in the super high quality gift box you can see in these images. 

 project video thumbnail

More about Amazonian Ladies:

 project video thumbnail

Who Are We?

Soldiers know money and business is a more effective influence than bombs and bullets. Moving out of the special forces enabled Dean to study and work on this project to pursue peaceful positive change.

Dean as a soldier and now.

With every purchase we make (anywhere) we all can decrease the need for soldiers to enforce human rights, as what we purchase, and how we spend our money, has bigger influence than whole armies. 

What is the ultimate objective?

This initiative started in Dean’s 2011 masters thesis. Now with society experiencing more refugees, demanding more equality, and experiencing global warming; combined with advances in blockchain technology, we have the required conditions to arm people with purchasing power. People are fed up with inaction from governments so we have to arm people with purchasing power to force suppliers and governments to uphold our values.

This project is a first step towards our ultimate goal to empower a wider community to cause change aligned with values. If people care enough about female equality and us establishing a brand, known as the brand that empowers women, then we will know there is public sentiment to pursue our next ultimate project. Backers of this project will be invited to participate in the next ultimate project.

The power in is your hands to force change.

We seek to enable you to see suppliers transparently so you can know who benefits from every purchase you make. We aim to show you every cent you spend everywhere and who received those cents. We want you to see the values upheld by those suppliers that receive your money. We intend to increase the value of your money so that your money becomes a voting tool to achieve world wide outcomes you value. Collectively you will force governments to uphold and represent your values.

The Future:

In the near future people with be shocked to know we spent our money blindly enabling unethical things to happen. Banks are not allowed to launder money or facilitate the funding of terrorism. But as individuals we are funding many suppliers that do things against our values and we have been blind to it.

For example, right now globally we have gender inequality, with women and men unknowingly purchasing products that contribute towards inequality. Many things we purchase have upstream suppliers working against our values. So Shopificaching is your interface to control your personal shopping data.  designed as the process to enable everything you purchase to have greater influence on suppliers. With increased transparency on the values upheld by all the contributors for everything you purchase then for the first time in history, you, and every other conscientious person, will have the information to be able to decide if you want to continue purchasing that product or not. You will then be able to influence supermarkets and other retail outlets to stock only those items from suppliers that are aligned with your values.

Every Journey Begins With One Step:

This Kickstarter project is a first commercial step towards implementing Shopificaching in the form of the Amazonian Lady brand. Trademarked globally, to be the brand communicating support for female equality. When you have an Amazonian Lady product you are voting for the rights of women to experience equality. Amazonian ladies are capable, honorable, role models for all of us to admire and seek to emulate. So establishing this brand will show that people want to purchase products and services aligned with their values. 

Your pledge informs and enables momentum to establish Amazonian Lady as a major brand and to keep going towards establishing Shopificaching

The lowest funding goal is $10,000 to enable recovery of a small portion of start-up costs and gain confidence Kickstarter to launch the Shopificaching project. But ideally the more funds that can be received then the more chance there is of success for Amazonian Lady and Shopificaching. Without supporters it will take over two years to repay the money invested on this project. With four young children full time as the sole parent paying home mortgage, expenses are high. Recently elected to local government Dean is serious about causing positive change.

 project video thumbnail

Risks and challenges

We have solved many obstacles so the only risk is the possible lack of public interest to support female advancement issues. We see how federal elections globally have surprised us so here we too can be surprised that the majority of people globally like women to be suppressed. 1. We have trademarked the brand globally. 2. We have completed some prototype products to prove suppliers are capable and these prototypes can be delivered before Christmas. 3. We have courier contracts and packaging ready to immediately courier the Venetian product to you.

Contact Information:


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