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Jan 14, 2020 11:25 AM ET

Book Store We are for our community and love to be involved in every way. This book store will give a place to read, relax, learn and engage

Book Store We are for our community and love to be involved in every way. This book store will give a place to read, relax, learn and engage

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 14, 2020


Hi everyone! We are so glad you are reading what and who we are and why we are wanting to do this. My name is Janie Isidoro and I am the proud owner of My Corazon a  shop in Hanford, Ca that creates all its items from scratch. Myself along with my husband and our three kids are your makers. We do graphic work woodwork, metalwork, jewelry, and many other items. Everything is created with our Chicano Culture in mind. We take pride in everything we do and keep our happiness and party side in mind with everything as well. We are so very aware that the world has so much seriousness in it now and people tend to forget that love and happiness are key even in the toughest of times. 

I am a published author. My writings are of my culture and love. I believe in love and unity. These two things motivate my every move. Like I stated before my family is with me in everything I do and I couldn’t be more proud of them. They make me strong. I and my husband have worked very hard to be right at this moment in our lives.  Our family has supported us in everything we do and we want to pay that forward. I have been a public speaker for highschools, scholarship recipients, writers and different groups of people. The response I have received has motivated me even more than I already am to provide something bigger.

A few years back I had talked about opening a bookstore. I threw the idea out into the world and just listened. In the last few months that passion has taken over me. Reading has always been a big part of my life and when I began to write I learned so much about myself.

We are a family of our community. In our shop now we host reading events, relationship talks, we are part of our Art community and participate in everything we can to help our community out. We are so ready to do more!

This year we were the first-ever business to give Hanford West Highschool its very first donation. We cannot wait to give more donations to causes we believe in, and we are in the works of starting our first scholarship fund.

The book store we are hoping to open in our community will be the first of its kind in the Valley. We want to give our teachers discounts, our military as well as we have a base very close to us. We will be holding monthly events as in bringing authors in to speak, read stories and share their craft. We will offer writing classes, reading classes, book clubs and stand up comedy nights for children.

We are hoping to get sponsorships from local businesses to show the community that we are here for them and that this bookstore is a welcoming place for everyone. It will first and foremost be kid-friendly as my kids are involved in everything we do. But I also want to have some amazing workshops for adults. We hope to have students popping in to do homework and maybe have enough space for an area to be reserved for a minimal fee for study sessions, groups, small birthday parties, and other events.

We will have a small used section for people that cannot afford a full-priced new book and two times a year we will offer those used books at an even more discounted rate. We will have a small section where our customers can even check out certain books like in a library. 

The budget we are hoping to have will cover inventory for the book store. I am part of some amazing groups and they are willing to help us as well. 

This bookstore in our small city is important for so many reasons. The first that resonates with me is for our community to be united. Reading touches so many people on different levels. You can meet others that you wouldn’t in other circumstances, or maybe be picking up the same book and not even know you have the same things in common with someone. Humanity has more in common then even they would like to think they do. 

We truly believe a bookstore is exactly what Hanford needs. Many years ago, we had a Borders Express in the mall and I clearly remember it being full and people sitting on the floor reading or finding a comfy chair with a cup of coffee and opening their favorite book to get lost in. We want to provide that atmosphere once again to our community and to ourselves. We hope to have a little of everything in our bookstore and expanding as time goes on. We are asking our community, friends, and family for help to gather inventory for our bookstore.

 Our new location is at 300 N. Irwin St. Hanford, Ca 93230. We have a great spot and will be part of every event in Downtown Hanford.

Sponsors for our venture are vital. We truly hope you will consider sponsoring us. We cannot make it happen without you and above all, we want to show everyone how a community pulls together to help others as we have so many times and to also give families and everyone else a safe, welcoming and relaxing place to read, do homework, study or whatever else they chose to do.

We encourage you to look at our social media handles to follow along with our story as a family.

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk I see is the inventory as that is why we are starting the Kickstarter. Inventory can be expensive and of course choosing genres. Luckily I am part of amazing reading groups and part of a group called Reforma Del Valle Central that is ran by librarians across the country that I can most definitely count on for support and guidance. Everything else is very manageable and deliverable. Should anything change I will keep you all informed first and foremost.

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Janie Isidoro

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