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Jan 14, 2020 11:40 AM ET

Bat Buds Various bat plushies, acrylic keychains and stickers

Bat Buds Various bat plushies, acrylic keychains and stickers

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 14, 2020

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Hi guys and ghouls, 

My name is Meek, and I am the creative mind behind Bat Infested. I love to create all sorts of animal and fantasy based things to share with the world. I am super excited to introduce you to my newest creation: Bat Buds!

Bat Buds are a series of bat plushies in various designs to meet all your spooky desires. Each design is fun and unique in its own special way. Let me introduce you to the gang!

Each plush is made of ultra soft minky fabric with embroidered details. All of the larger plushies are the perfect size for cuddling, while Franki is the perfect travel size! 

For each additional design that is unlocked, plushies, stickers and acrylic keychains will be created. 

 All items in the pledge tiers are ‘you pick’, except for the stickers and Franki plushies. This means that at the end of the campaign, you can choose from any unlocked designs. If you do not see a bundle you like, all items will be sold separately on You will get to pick your items once the campaign has ended via the Backer Survey. Your Backer Survey is sent to you via the email that is attached to your Kickstarter account.  Please make sure you are using a current email address!

 More goals will be added with each tier that is unlocked

Risks and challenges

I don’t anticipate any risks or challenges at this time. The manufacturers are standing by and ready to go when we are. There may be some unforeseen issues such as delayed production, or shipping issues due to the fact that we are working with overseas manufacturers. There will be updates posted as the project progresses to keep everyone posted on what is going on.

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Bat Infested

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