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Dec 11, 2019 1:45 PM ET

There's Always a Hitch A comedy memoir of a daughters journey through her mothers footsteps

There's Always a Hitch A comedy memoir of a daughters journey through her mothers footsteps

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My project – My book

Years ago, my mum showed me a diary and scrap books of her days hitchhiking and backpacking with 2 friends through Canada and the US when she was 20 years old. She would also regale some of the adventures they got up to. Sadly, mum passed away and the diaries and scrap books were put in the back of my brothers garage gathering dust, until I started to think about writing about her story. Back in April this year, I made a trip to retrieve this box of treasure and 7 months later, I have been on a whirlwind journey of self discovery and self learning, been to places I would never have gone had mum not taken me, experienced so much more life and I documented it all. I never intended to actually do the traveling but the universe had other ideas! I am so excited to share my story along with mums, Gerrie and Janet, who was on the travels with her. Mum always taught me to look on the bright side of life and I have had to dig deep to do that with one disaster after another.

The title ‘There’s Always a Hitch’ was what mum and Gerrie came up  with years ago when they toyed with the idea of turning the story into a movie, so, of course I went with that. Little did I know that I would be living up to the title too with many ‘hitches’

Now to the juicy bit, here is the blurb for the back of the book

Have you ever found yourself on a path that you have no control over, but you know in your heart that it is your destiny?

There’s Always a Hitch is a comedy memoir about Sophie, a single and broke entrepreneur who is failing miserably at her new business. She decides to re-connect with her mum who passed away 11 years ago, following in her footsteps.

Traveling alone, with only her mum’s scrapbook of memorabilia, photos, postcards and diary to guide her, Sophie visits all the same places her mum backpacked and hitchhiked through back in 1958. She soon realises her financial situation does not stretch to the luxury five star smooth travel that she is accustomed, but more like one star with a run of disasters…

8,500 miles, ten cities, five states, three countries, 11 weeks, over 100lbs of luggage, tears, blood, giggles, and an extra dress size later, she makes it! Interspersed with Sophie’s laugh out loud memoires are her mother’s words, photos and memorabilia, creating an inspirational, heart-warming, humorous journey of bravery, drama, resilience, vulnerability, magic, travel, friendship and transformation.

Postcards of then and now

What I love about this book is that there are mum’s and my words but also there are photo’s of her time alongside photo’s of my time, postcards and memorabilia of then and now and I think all of this makes the book come alive even more. 

My plan

My draft is now being butchered by the editor for the grammar, so we are on the road to publishing but what I would really would like to do is an audio book. With this comes costs to hire a studio, editing and hiring an actress for mum’s voice. 

That is where your support and help comes in. I have covered all the costs so far but to be able to market the book effectively and put together the audio book – I need help.

Part of the marketing would be to do a book tour next year and be on stage to share my story as the whole ‘why’ of writing this book is to inspire people to get in touch with their adventurerer side, to face fear head on which I have done throughout this journey, follow your gut and if you dream it, do it!

I would like this book to be reachable to as many people and honour my mums legacy.

The book is due to be published by Christmas but the printing and shipping will not be until the New Year. 


I wanted these rewards to be personal and authentic so these hardback limited editions will only be for this kickstarter project. The signature will be with a personal note along with a Thank You in the book.

Due to you not recieving the physical book until  mid – end January, I have added the e-book so you can read it before then.

Risks and challenges

My manuscript is due to be finished and submitted by the end of December but due to Christmas there maybe some hold ups.

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