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Dec 4, 2019 1:35 PM ET

WRECKONING The game that makes you think of what your friends think of you

WRECKONING The game that makes you think of what your friends think of you

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


It’s a simple concept that gets fun and complicated real quick. It’s a box “loaded” with adjectives and nouns that you use to describe other players leading to some hilarious if not tumultuous discussions. By the end, you might discover that your friends think you are an:

This absolutely unique game was created to have fun, break the ice and explore the most unspoken and awkward fringes of our relationships. You’ll be amazed at the unexpected and priceless discussions that can erupt from an unassuming adjective like “Delicious”. (Actually not priceless, but $35 discussions. Still very worth it.)

Each time you don a beautiful 100% cotton bandana as your game piece you’ll experience a completely unique game by starting with the 350 carefully curated, thought provoking adjectives and nouns. The game plays on the relationships between the players which can change depending on who is the judge and with the flip of a card. 

1. Choose your bandana!

Yes! You do get to wear a bandana. As a warm up, start by arguing over your favorite bandana color as your game piece. Feel free to style it anyway you’d like – just make sure it’s visible to all the players.

2. Color cards

For every player, pass out a set of Color Cards that match all the bandana colors that were chosen. If you have 6 players, each player will have 6 corresponding Color Cards.

3. Any Dougs in the house?

Players will take turns as the Judge. If there is a player named Doug, he should be the first Judge. If no Doug, choose the least responsible person and make him or her the first Judge.  

4. Adjective cards

The Judge draws an Adjective Card. Using the Color Cards, players place face down the card matching the bandana of the person they believe the Judge will choose as the person who best represents that Adjective. Players can choose themselves, but the Judge cannot. The Judge will also put their selection face down. 

5. Flip your color cards

Everyone then flips their cards for the big reveal! Those matching the Judge receive a point. The person the Judge selected is “rewarded” the card to keep and display for the remainder of the game. 

6. Hello mouse and elephant!

Oh there’s a Mouse! And an Elephant! When the Judge flips over an Adjective Card revealing the Mouse, they get to take any Adjective that’s been played and keep it for themselves. If the Elephant shows up in the room, they get to take any Adjective and give it to another player. 

7. How to win:

To have a winner of the game, agree on a point total at the start and the first player to reach it wins! But in our book, everyone is a winner, unless you’re given the Loser card, in which case, who are we to argue with the way your friends describe you – they’re your friends. 

Once the game is over, rub in all the fun you had by sharing your cards with friends you didn’t invite to the party. 

Thanks for the invite, jerks!

 350 painstakingly curated adjectives and nouns to create the most fun and intense games. 

100 Color Cards for up to 10 players. 

Interspersed in the deck, these cards dynamically change the game by allowing players to give and take previously played cards. 

 YES!!! In what we believe to be a first of its kind, 100% cotton bandanas are used as game pieces. 10 fabulous colors so you can dress up or dress down and style it anyway you’d like – just make sure you look badass. 

Here are a couple more ways not to follow the rules for you rebels.

POINTLESS AND JUDGELESS – For a quick no frills, but thrills game. A card is picked from the deck and each player simply chooses who THEY think best represents that card. Whomever receives the most votes, keeps the card.

SPEEDY AND TRICKY – The Judge is dealt Adjective Cards equal to the number of players. The Judge is then tasked with distributing each of the cards to the players and in the process probably making some friends and enemies.  

HOLIDAY CARDS – Unfortunately, Wreckoning won’t be available for a Christmas or Holiday season delivery. That’s a bummer for gift giving, we know. But for every game pledged, we’ll send you a Wreckoning card  before the Holidays so you can give friends and family a personal note letting them know their amazing game is on its way (and you didn’t forget them this year). Really love the cards? Want to send them to people you don’t like enough to give a game? Wanna stack around the house for birthdays, weddings and bat mitzvahs? You can pledge $25 and we’ll send you 25 Greeting cards you can share with friends. Cards are 7″x5″ and come with envelopes! 

Gift Card
Greeting Card

Box of Wreckoning – $35 Pledge

  • 1 Kickstarter Edition of Wreckoning
  • Holiday Card and Envelope prior to game delivery 

More Wreckoning? – $65 Pledge

  • 2 Kickstarter Editions of Wreckoning
  • 2 Holiday Cards and Envelopes prior to game delivery

Even More Wreckoning? – $160 Pledge

  • 5 Kickstarter Editions of Wreckoning
  • 5 Holiday Cards and Envelopes prior to game delivery

Getting Wrecked – $315 Pledge

  • 10 Kickstarter Editions of Wreckoning
  • 10 Holiday Cards and Envelopes prior to game delivery

Totally Wrecked – $630 Pledge

  • 20 Kickstarter Editions of Wreckoning
  • 20 Holiday Cards and Envelopes prior to game delivery

The early prototype was a hodgepodge of construction paper, business cards, dirty bandanas and a Cards Against Humanity Box. We had the bones, but not the beauty, so we called in the pros to help build something everyone would love. 

Future Haircut – We needed a rad mouse and elephant characters for the logo and discovered Future Haircut on Instagram. He graciously crafted these two mutants that we love. Check out his other works on Instagram. He’s also a tattoo artist so see if he’s free to ink you up with a Wreckoning logo. @futurehaircut

Alex Farkas-Worthy – Obviously from the photos above, the design of the game needed a lot of help. Alex came along and put a superb polish on the box and cards while also providing some great advice.  You can reach him at

Jared Varava – Jared helped craft the Kickstarter video along with some of our friends, Corby Griesenbeck, Alice Johnson, Sebastion Boher, Bradley Dujmovic and Erin Simms. Check out his collection of great projects at

Anna Mkhikian – Anna helped design the Kickstarter page. You can check out her art and design work at 

Turning a good idea into a great idea is usually just trust and perseverance according to an ancient poster in my high school guidance counselor’s office. I really enjoy the work and challenge of unleashing an idea’s potential. This is my first Kickstarter project and I’m truly excited to be sharing it with you. I’ve played many a round of Wreckoning and here are some examples of how my “wonderful” friends have described me. 

Risks and challenges

Wreckoning is going forward in the shadow of some of the greats such as Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens by partnering with Ad Magic for publishing. Ad Magic has a tremendous track record working with Kickstarter projects. The box and cards need the tiniest bit of tweaking but by the time it hopefully gets funded it will be in the position to hit the print button. Distribution can also be a headache, but Wreckoning has chosen a tiny distribution company called Amazon to get the boxes into the back of a Camry and delivered to your doorstep.

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