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Dec 4, 2019 9:50 AM ET

WonderSip - Easy to Clean “One-Click Open” Reusable Straw Click, Clean, Close - A fun reusable straw with One-Click and One-Piece design for easy and effective cleaning. Sip like you care

WonderSip - Easy to Clean “One-Click Open” Reusable Straw Click, Clean, Close - A fun reusable straw with One-Click and One-Piece design for easy and effective cleaning. Sip like you care

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019



More and more people have become aware of the problems that single-use plastic straws bring and they have started switching to better alternatives, such as metal, paper, and bamboo! We’ve realized that current reusable straws are unsanitary and difficult to clean. That’s why we created a revolutionary straw that is reusable and super convenient to clean and dry. Now, there’s no need to wonder about what kind of germs are living inside of your reusable straw.


Problems with Current Alternative Straws 

Although current alternative and reusable straws help to combat the huge plastic waste problem, they contain their own problems. Many have a weird taste & texture (such as paper, metal, silicone, bamboo, etc), hidden germs inside the straw that’s hard to reach and clean, hurts teeth and gums, and some breaks easily.


Our Solution

Introducing WonderSip, the world’s first reusable straw with easy One-Click Open technology for effective cleaning in One-Piece Design.

Flip for Two Way Use, sip with a style or use as a stopper.

Convenient to Clean

Cleaning has never been easier with our WonderSip Straw. With Our-Click Open technology, you can effectively clean your straw in various ways:  

Rinse it


Wipe it


Put it into the dishwasher



Make WonderSip part of your everyday routine! WonderSip Straws come in different styles, sizes, and colors. Choose your favorite or mix things up with multiple styles!

Sustainable Packaging

We have designed our WonderSip Carrying Pouch through sustainable methods. Each pouch is designed from premium linen fiber, which is eco-friendly, biodegradable, durable, anti-bacterial, and water resistant.


Thank you for being a part of our WonderSip community. Please help us spread the love to 3 of your friends. Let’s reduce plastic in our oceans and #SipHappilyEverAfter  

Risks and challenges

This is our first project on Kickstarter. We understand and acknowledge that no project comes without risks and challenges. As a result, we have invested a considerable amount of time to research and develop in order to find the best solution and material to support our design, and prepared our best to ensure the project success. If we encounter any unforeseen circumstances, we will communicate with you to resolve any issues in a timely manner with full transparency. Production: We’ve spent more than a year perfecting the design and manufacturing process. During the process, we’ve conducted various tests to find the most efficient manufacturing method possible. In order to bring this project to reality, we’ve invested everything that the project needed, such as tooling, production, warehousing, marketing, etc. WonderSip One-Click Open Reusable Straws have passed various tests and already in mass production. We are confident that as soon as the campaign ends, we’ll be able to ship the item without any delay. Pricing: In order to offer the best price possible, we have developed efficient processes to produce and fulfill our products. We strive to provide a fair and affordable price to everyone in order to help reduce one-time use plastic straws and create a sustainable product to better the environment. Shipping: We are shipping worldwide from Los Angeles, California. We’ve also finalized our international shipping partners as well. We’ll try our best to ship locally wherever possible to avoid our backers having to pay customs and duties. Quality Control: We have strict quality control measures in place and hired our own QC team for 100% product inspection before shipping. Our team will also inspect every step of the production process to ensure the quality meets our high standards. We provide expert customer care in house from our Los Angeles office.

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