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Dec 4, 2019 1:40 PM ET

UNBREAKABLE – A Reminder of the Only Opinion That Matters! At UNBREAKABLE, we are cultivating stronger mindsets by reminding you to focus on yourself

UNBREAKABLE – A Reminder of the Only Opinion That Matters! At UNBREAKABLE, we are cultivating stronger mindsets by reminding you to focus on yourself

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019

Project image for UNBREAKABLE – A Reminder of the Only Opinion That Matters!


Look in the Mirror

We all pass mirrors throughout the day, both literal and metaphorical. Some of the mirrors are obvious; we can see our reflections in them. Others are more subtle: they come in the form of tasks that we undertake, tests that we sit for, and people that we meet. These things too reflect who we are, and yet by and large, they reflect with a much higher degree of static. We ought to treat any of these reflections – the ones that the world tries to push on us – distorted, biased, and largely irrelevant to our self-identity. Perceiving ourselves, we should instead look only to what we see in the mirror. When you look in the mirror, that is who YOU ARE.

Your Only Competition

You are not the person other people tell you are, and you are not the person other people want you to be. The more that you work to develop yourself and grow into the person you aspire to be, the more you can become comfortable accepting this wonderful fact – the fact that you are your only competition. Even when you are in a footrace or playing a game against someone else, your only real limitations are found within. Yours is the only opinion that matters with regards to yourself.

Inspiring the Right Mindset

If you have already cultivated this mindset, then you are on the right track. Far too often, though, people lose sight of reality, becoming confused about their place in the world and other people’s place in their lives. It is easy for us to put too much weight in what other people say about us and find ourselves tripping over this opinion. Because it is so easy, it is all the more important that we stay on the right track and block out all the background noise, committing ourselves to taking pride in what we see in the mirror, pride for its own sake, pride to impress ourselves and no one else. At UNBREAKABLE, we are here to inspire this mindset and fortify it.

Forging Greatness

The UNBREAKABLE mindset is about more than just a good feeling, of course. While it may be pleasant to achieve solidity in your perspective of yourself, it is critical because of what it makes possible. When you care only about your own opinion of yourself, you can finally blast through any barriers that may have seemed to prevent you from forging greatness– in fitness, in your career, and in all other areas of your life.

When you are UNBREAKABLE, you are unstoppable

Style to Flip the World

To drive the UNBREAKABLE mindset home, we have developed a line of unique t-shirts, hoodies, and underwear. All our items feature mirrored images and logos so that you only see them properly when you are looking at them in the mirror. This is a constant reminder of what matters: a reminder that as you see yourself in the mirror, you are seeing yourself completely. There is no need to look outward, no reason to ask anyone else what they think, no benefit to wondering what the world believes you ought to be doing with your life.


What We Need & What You Get

Right now, we are turning to you, Kickstarter, for help raising the funds that we need to manufacture, market, and distribute the initial run of UNBREAKABLE products on a large scale. The website is up and running, and we have established our brand. What comes next is expansion, and the only way to expand is to reach a larger audience and scale our operation up. Our goal through this campaign is to put together £5,000 in capital to cover our expansion costs, and every pound helps at this critical moment in our growth.

To say thanks to everyone who makes a contribution, we are offering some exciting rewards, including discounts on UNBREAKABLE apparel and limited edition merchandise signed by our founder.

Make a contribution now and claim your UNBREAKABLE mindset!


At the moment we have 12 x T-shirt and 6 x Hoodie designs and we have another 28 designs coming!

Limited Rewards


Be a part of a UNBREAKABLE HISTORY!!! 400 Kickstarter supportes will have a chance to be part of UNBREAKABLE MOSAIC that will be uploaded on the main website at and kept there FOREVER! There will be also a high quality mosaic copy delivered to your email address. 

Below you can find an example of how the UNBREAKABLE MOSAIC will look like.

  • Gold Foil Business Card

Signed by founder of UNBREAKABLE with dedication and Your name on it!

Others Ways You Can Help

In addition to making a monetary contribution to this campaign, you can show your support for UNBREAKABLE by sharing a link to this campaign on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms you frequent. Spread the word far and wide about what we are doing and let all your friends and family know about UNBREAKABLE and what we stand for.

If there is someone in your life who could use a mindset adjustment, consider using our products to introduce them to a better way of seeing themselves. We want to change the world one mind at a time – and that starts with YOU!

We appreciate all your support, both monetary and non-monetary, and we thank you for taking the time to read about what we are doing.

Risks and challenges

Because we have already launched the UNBREAKABLE brand, there is a minimum of risk to what comes next. As we continue to improve our infrastructure and build awareness of our message, we will remain open to customer feedback, listening intently to everything the market has to say to us. If we run into any major logistical challenges that cause a delay in our expansion timeline, we will be sure to keep all our contributors in the loop. As a note, we will certainly fulfil all our orders and pre-orders can start going out as soon as the campaign has finished and all the contribution payments have cleared.

Contact Information:

Lukasz Gadek

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