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Dec 4, 2019 2:40 PM ET

TutorFish The future is here! TutorFish is a GPS application that allows students of all ages to improve or gain knowledge in all academic areas

TutorFish The future is here! TutorFish is a GPS application that allows students of all ages to improve or gain knowledge in all academic areas

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The future is here! TutorFish is a GPS application that allows students of all ages to improve or gain knowledge in any academic area.

Whether you need assistance understanding calculus, writing an essay, preparing for an upcoming test, or simply desire to learn something new, then TutorFish is the application for you. Using the latest, most advanced, GPS (Global Positioning System) location-based technology, TutorFish offers a new on-demand and instant “to-your-door” option for both students seeking private tutors, and vice versa.

With a tap on your smart phone, students and parents can source and choose local, pre-screened and qualified tutors within a few miles of their location. And in minutes, a live tutor will meet you at your doorstep or your place of choosing.

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Our TutorFish application and web page is instantly available to anyone who has Internet access. And TutorFish application will be fully able to service the entire global private tutoring market.

With the tap of a button, students and parents alike can source local, pre-screened, qualified Tutors right to the comfort of their own home.


The need for qualified in-home and on-demand locally sourced tutors, is quickly becoming a very desirable industry. In addition, the rising need for private tutors will exponentially increase the job market for qualified tutors who aim to be part of this rising job market.

In 2019 the entire US Population reached 328,033,000 million people. Of that, 62,639,589 students are enrolled in grades K – 12.  And according to the National Center for Education Statistics, 33,329,217 parents are not “very satisfied” with the schools that their children are attending and are potential consumers for the integration of private tutoring as a supplement into their children’s learning and education.

We offer the ability for parents and students alike to hold their future in the palm of their hand by providing mobile and web applications that allow them to instantly summon local pre-screened and qualified tutors near them.  No matter where you are or what time it is, help is just a tap away.

The inadequacies of mainstream public education and the growing pressure on students to improve overall grades, has resulted in the preference by students and parents for qualified one on one tutors.

We live in a tough business world where education and desired careers go hand in hand, so it is best to be well prepared.

The Benefits of Private In-home Instant and On-Demand Tutoring.

There is a multitude of known an proven benefits of Private in-home tutoring. We add the instant and on-demand feature to the current message, and search based, delayed methods of finding and choosing private tutors.

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The 5 Benefits of Hiring a Private Tutor

As shown in the video above, there are clear and present benefits to hiring a private tutor. With the added benefit of local, real-time, accessible pre-screened and qualified tutors reachable with the tap of a button.

  •  private tutors work at a students pace: Complex topics taught in class require someone to explain those topics in detail.
  •  private tutors give personal attention: The high teacher to student ratio makes it difficult for teachers to provide students with one-on-one attention.
  •  private tutors are not restricted to lesson plans: Most of the time, school teachers only teach what is included in the schools defined curriculum.
  •  private tutors teach more than just what is on the syllabus: Including supporting information as well as alternate learning techniques.
  •  private tutors are flexible and convenient: With private tutors, you have the flexibility and convenience of setting personalized timings for the schedule of learning lessons.

The TutorFish platform consists of a suite of applications that are inter-operable between web, ios, and android devices. Currently, under development and the deliverables of this project are as follows:

  • system back-end administrative web application console for administering the system and platform
  • apple iOS student mobile application
  • apple iOS faculty (tutor) mobile application.
  • android OS Student mobile application
  • android OS Faculty (Tutor) mobile application
  • web Interface Student application
  • web Interface Faculty (Tutor) application
  • faculty Lounge (Tutor Social Network for TutorFish Faculty)
  • integrated live and interactive support

Risks and challenges

Challenge(s) • Having enough resources to manage the high volume of consumers. • Supply and demand: tutor to student ratio is not well balanced. • Advertising within the correct domains. Solution(s) • When launched, Tutorfish will be accessible to anyone with internet access in the nation. So, the number of consumers could quickly go from a few to potentially thousands very quickly. Currently, we do not have the funding to hire employees or purchase new equipment to meet the anticipated demand. Thus, our solution to this challenge is to receive enough crowd funding from sites such as Kickstarter to see our vision become reality. • The ratio of students to tutors may not be well balanced when TutorFish goes live to the nation. Having more students than available tutors will increase time in which a student may have to wait for a prospective tutor. To ensure that the ratio between students to tutors be balanced, we hope to provide the most competitive compensation for the hard work our tutors contribute to TutorFish. • Like any business that aim to be successful, we must make TutorFish known to the public and with limited resources, we must do due diligence when deciding upon the source with which to advertise with. Risk(s) • Fraudulent identity and/or credentials from prospective tutors. Solution(s) • Sadly, identity theft and falsifying of documents is not only real but pervasive in today’s technological world. Therefore, we at TutorFish plan on having strict criteria for those who want to be part of out tutoring team. For example, prospective tutors must have valid identification and complete the Live Scan process, which is commonly used for criminal booking, sexual offender registration, civil applicant and background check. Live scan results can be verified and returned to the source within 72 hours of transmission. In addition, we plan to work closely with the colleges and universities to ensure that all documents are authentic.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Long-lasting design

TutorFish is a software application that will work indefinitely. If you having a working cell phone then our software application will continue to work for you as long as you desire. Love our planet! It is the only one we have!

Reusability and recyclability

As stated previously, TutorFish is a software application that could be reused time and time again with no need to be recycled. Love our planet! It is the only one we have!

Sustainable materials

TutorFish, is a software application that uses no materials whatsoever. Love our planet! It is the only one we have!

Environmentally friendly factories

TutorFish will not have a need for any type of factory, thus not producing any waste products. Love our planet! It is the only one we have!

Sustainable Distribution

TutorFish is a software application that could be delivered instantly to your phone, whenever you choose to download our application. Love our planet! It is the only one we have!

Something else

We here at TutorFish love the planet we are so blessed to have and hope that all will strive to make Earth a place we can call home forever. So we are in support of any and all products that are environmentally conducive to keeping our planet healthy. We love Earth!

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Kevin Michael Norman & Jeff Ha

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