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Dec 4, 2019 11:55 AM ET

Toxic-Chemical Free Leather Bag | Zwuits Hazardous-chemical Free Versatile Leather Bag that can be Carried as a Messenger, Briefcase, and Backpack

Toxic-Chemical Free Leather Bag | Zwuits Hazardous-chemical Free Versatile Leather Bag that can be Carried as a Messenger, Briefcase, and Backpack

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


Hello, we’re Zwuits, a team of leather making professionals here to present our first product: the Versatile Leather Bag. Our focus is on creating sustainable, ethically sourced, and naturally tanned premium leather goods that are both beautiful and functional.

Choose from our four beautiful patinas: Black, Brown, Midnight Blue or Beige.

Introducing our Versatile Leather Bag. We designed this multifunctional waterproof bag to be all you need for your daily carry. It easily transforms from a briefcase to a backpack or crossbody messenger depending on your changing needs throughout the day.

Detail view of all the Features- all of these features are included.

Never get lost in the abyss, as everything has its place in this thought-out multi-pocketed design.

A Place for Everything

 The front panel can be fully unzipped for easy access to your commonly used items.


We found four problems when looking into leather products and how the big name brands are operating.

  1. Hazardous chemicals are used to cut down production time
  2. Top-quality materials cost too much money
  3. Most of the time animals are killed for only leather
  4. Workers are not treated correctly and not getting paid enough

We solved the problem by:

  1. Eliminating the use of Hazardous Chemicals (Chromium, Lead, Azo-dyes) and by adapting the vegetable tanning process
  2. Providing premium quality (Full-grain/Top-grain) in a fraction of the price
  3. Sourcing organically, means we are using leathers that are the by-products of human meat consumption. The leathers could go to waste and harm the environment if they were not processed and used. We made sure zero animal killing only for leather
  4. Making sure that we address the issue seriously and everyone gets fair pay, benefits and proper training 

Zwuits is a peoples company first and we have creatively structured our business model to benefit our workers’ needs. We strongly believe happy healthy employees, foster a happier healthier workforce. With your support, we can continue to produce beautiful, functional, cost-effective products and offer great benefits to enhance the quality of life of our employees in Bangladesh. 

All our products are manufactured in Bangladesh, which is home to many large USA brands. In order to ensure our products are made with the highest standards, we want to help our workers as they help us grow. Regardless of skill or position in the company, all employees get the same benefits package.

 project video thumbnail

We rely on the centuries-old condensed/catechol method of vegetable tanning with the use of modern equipment. It includes extracts of Gambier, Mimosa Bark, and Quebracho Wood. Due to the lack of strong chemicals, this method takes up to 35 days depending on the season. 

The result — a beautiful item with rich, warm tones that looks entirely natural and smells just the way you think leather should.

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We began our journey with one thing in mind, quality goods that are affordable. However, as we dug deeper into leather manufacturing, it quickly became apparent that there was a major problem in the industry – most chrome oil-tanned leather is produced with highly toxic chemicals that cause allergic and asthmatic reactions – not to mention leads to a risk of lung cancer.

Not only an issue for the consumers who buy leather products, but this hazardous manufacturing process also affects the lives of those who make the products. The products can cause:

  • Many skin diseases such as “Chrome Holes”
  • Respiratory problems
  • Infertility
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Drinking water pollution

The health risks of the chrome tanning method are high and that was something the team at Zwuits is not willing to be part of. We adopted a hazardous chemical-free, vegetable tanning method that is safe for the users of our products as well as those who make them. 

Founded by Habib Ferdous a lifelong learner, successful accountant, and serial entrepreneur.

Habib came a long way from selling newspapers in front of Canning Town station in London to becoming a successful accountant and business owner in New York. Apart from running his ventures, Habib is involved with many voluntary and humanitarian causes where he spends his free time.

He grew up in the capital of Bangladesh, growing up he learned about the prospering leather industry and observed the problems very closely. He met with Md Khayruzzaman back in 2000, they shared a passion to do something better for the working class of Bangladesh. Fast forward, 18 years later he met with Ruhul Amin, a friend of Khayruzzaman, and three of them together started together to bring life to a long lost childhood dream.

Now in his early 30’s, Habib emerged as the owner and founder of Zwuits Inc. and looks after the overall operation of the business. Ruhul and Khayruzzaman look after production and employee management respectively.

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Risks and challenges

This is our first Kickstarter campaign. We are committed to serving our backers exceptionally well, as they are supporting us to move forward. To overcome any issues in delivery and logistics, we are working with Backerkit as they are the industry leader when it comes to successful fulfillment. Zwuits Inc. has gained an extraordinary amount of knowledge from other founders. All of our learnings are continuously applied to further streamlining the entire experience for backers of our campaign. OUR TEAM Zwuits Inc. is a registered brand with USPTO operating from Larchmont, New York. We strive to make the best leather bags that are functional. We have a strong network of manufacturers in Bangladesh, which is also home to many luxury USA brands. Our merchandise department is qualified in industry supply chain and logistics management. MANUFACTURING & FULFILLMENT PARTNERS We have secured our manufacturers, shippers, and fulfillment centers, all of whom are waiting for us to give them the green light! All of our partners have over two decades of experience. Our manufacturers are professional, precise, and ethical. FREIGHT FORWARDING Our freight forwarders move tons of products daily, and they are ready for our business. We have partnered up with one of the industry’s leading fulfillment centers, so our backers will get their Versatile Leather Bag in pristine condition and, and on time–no matter where in the world they’re headed. POTENTIAL DELAYS & UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES With all of this being said, we must note that unforeseen complications do occasionally arise. Natural disasters or accidents are unavoidable. We’ve constructed our timelines with reasonable accommodations for unforeseen events, and The Versatile Leather Bags will be insured throughout every step of its arrival to your doorstep. We are expecting a certain number of orders from this campaign if it exceeds our expectation than it might affect the production time, and we will make sure that all our valuable backers know about it in advance. We have a keen understanding of the fact that delays in the fashion industry are sometimes inevitable, so our anticipated delivery dates are conservative estimates. If all runs smoothly, there is a chance you will receive your bag earlier than expected! Our SHIPPING POLICIES Domestic (USA) Shipments: Most domestic shipments are sent through USPS, UPS, or FedEx. The exact service depends on the size and weight of your order and your location. U.S. Delivery Times: Handling time is generally 1-3 business days, and once shipped packages usually reach their destination in 2-5 business days. International Shipments: Local Duties, Taxes, and Fees: Some international backers will be subject to local customs import duties and taxes; these backers will be responsible for covering all of their local customs duties and taxes. In certain cases, the prices of your rewards, along with the cost of shipping may be included with the duties/taxes/fees assessed on your shipment. Import duties and taxes are not covered by this Kickstarter campaign or by Zwuits Inc., and Zwuits Inc. is not responsible for any customs, duties, taxes, or any other import-related fees associated with receiving your Versatile Leather Bag order. International Delivery Times: Orders typically take 4-10 business days to reach international destinations; however, some shipments can take up to 3-4 weeks to reach certain destinations due to complexities associated with international shipping and local customs. DESIGN CHANGES The Versatile Leather Bag you are seeing on this Kickstarter are considered final prototypes. They are very close to the finished product you’ll receive, but the design may be subject to final alterations and/or modifications based on Zwuits Inc.’s continued testing & refinement. In that case, we will announce the changes, and we can assure you it will come with better and polished design and materials. KICKSTARTER WARRANTY & RETURN POLICY While all of our products include a warranty against any manufacturer defects, it is not our policy to offer refunds or returns on items received as Kickstarter rewards.

Contact Information:

Zwuits Inc.

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