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Dec 4, 2019 11:35 AM ET

The X-20/Dyna-Soar Book A book detailing the history and technology of the Air Force "Dyna-Soar" project

The X-20/Dyna-Soar Book A book detailing the history and technology of the Air Force

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


I’m Jack Hagerty.  I started ARA Press over 20 years ago to provide modelers and folks interested in aerospace history access to accurate, high-quality reference books at reasonable prices.  So far I’ve brought out genre classics like Spaceship HandbookThe Saucer FleetN-1 For the Moon and Mars and other genre titles.

I’m working to release my most detailed book to date.  It chronicles what is perhaps the most ambitious space program of the Cold War: Dyna-Soar, the Air Force’s Dynamic Soaring glider.

Based on Eugen Sänger’s German WWII research for an “antipodal bomber,” Dyna-Soar would be launched on a large booster, be over the “area of interest” at any spot in the world in less than an hour, collect its intel and land on a conventional runway anywhere in the western US.  Total mission time: less than two hours from liftoff to touchdown.  Other versions had full orbital capabilities to service any of the Air Force space stations being proposed in the early ’60s.

Written by Air Force historian Dr. Roy Houchin, with full access to all official documents, this will be the definitive work on the program for some time to come.

Producing this book will not be cheap due to my usual high ARA Press standards of hardcover with sewn binding, heavy-weight coated paper and full color illustrations throughout.  Using the industry rule-of-thumb based on production costs, the retail price of this book should be $80; but that would put it beyond the means of many of the modelers and space program enthusiasts who could most benefit from the information we’ve captured.  The purpose of this Kickstarter campaign is to help offset some of the production and let me sell this book for $39.95, half of what it would be otherwise and a tremendous value.  Targeted ship date is late January/early February 2020.

Please join us in this campaign with a contribution at whatever level you feel comfortable with, to help us bring out the story of this amazing program.  The premiums are pretty awesome, including serialized copies of the book with an authors’ signature plate, a CD-ROM with all the public domain research materials assembled for the book, wearable logo items and professional, signed artwork of the vehicle.

Thank you.

Risks and challenges

Having a 20-year history of successfully bringing out large, complex books, there is very little risk in this project. The most serious obstacle I can see is a slip in schedule. If I can’t ship it to the printer by the end of the year, it will probably slip until later in February. I will be issuing periodic updates to all backers to keep them apprised of progress.

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Jack Hagerty

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