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Dec 4, 2019 11:50 AM ET

The Cypress Fantasy Series Book One: The Door An Original LGBTQ+ Fantasy Series that features multiple dimensions

The Cypress Fantasy Series Book One: The Door An Original LGBTQ+ Fantasy Series that features multiple dimensions

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The Door to Cypress

“The Door,” is book one of a LGBTQ positive trilogy that has been in the works for five years. It is a fantasy story with strong, complex characters that face their own moral dilemmas much like we do in everyday life. Nothing is as it seems and everything is possible. This series is primarily for audiences 17-years-old and up because it does contain strong language and dark themes inappropriate for younger audiences.

Witches, Lawmen, Demons, Banshees and Gladiators. Nothing is off the table. Nothing is certain. 

Everything is possible.

A young, mild-mannered gardener named Kyra King is torn from her comfortable, quiet life when her older brother goes missing. When she discovers what had happened to him, her powers are unlocked and she roasts someone alive with her bare hands. Thrown into an insane adventure, Kyra searches for answers, and with the help of a rookie Lawman and a Demon as old as sin she finds herself on the road to the safe hold of Cypress. 

As more of her powers unlock, Kyra finds a man in her dreams in search of help. She thought that Cypress was a safe haven, but discovers that it’s a war torn nation. Magic users and the ungifted are at odds more than ever before and a tyrants sits on the throne. Only the bravest keep up the fight, including Tyr, a former soldier that seeks to rescue the Fallen King and put an end to the madness.

When Kyra finally arrives at the Door, will she step inside, or will she deny the call of destiny?

Timeline for Release

I am happy to announce that “The Door,” is very close to being completed! After I get feedback from beta readers, I will format the final copy and it will finally be completed. The tentative release date is 1/20/2020! 

A sample of the first three chapters, including a prologue is available for download on my website along with some additional information as well.


For your donations and your help in my project, I am including a variety of rewards. You can look forward to preordering my book for a discounted price (only available on Kickstarter), signed copies of a paperback and hardback once released, and artistic interpretations of the City of Cypress.

I appreciate every single penny I can get for helping my dream become a reality!

Risks and challenges

This is a pretty low risk project because my book is already almost completely finished. The only risk is not meeting our goal of $2000.

Contact Information:

Sierra Milliron

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