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Dec 4, 2019 12:55 PM ET

Star notebook 2020 A lovely limited edition notebook. An original handmade design

Star notebook 2020 A lovely limited edition notebook. An original handmade design

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019

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Hello! I’m GYRHS, a mexican comic artist and illustrator, and I also love bullet journals and I’ve been filling them for two years, as 2020 is near I really want to make my own bullet journal, but make a striped notebook is more expensive than make a simple sketchbook, so I’m making this kickstarter campaign to finance a small batch of my notebook.

Spread sheet of this year journal (you can see all on my instagram).

This campaign will be my fifth in Kickstarter and I’m very grateful with the community that give me the opportunity to make my projects a reality. I hope you can help me this time again.

This time there is only 3 rewards (plus a limited one with a free sketch) as it’s a small campaign, but all of them are make with a lot of love:

Remember that prices are in Mexican Pesos, so don’t be afraid of the high numbers!

If you want more than one notebook you can add $400 mexican pesos to your pledge ($300 of the journal+ $100 of shipping).

Where does the money go?

  • $MX 3,500 – Making 15 notebooks
  • $MX 3,000 – Covers the cost of shipping.
  • $MX 500 – Other rewards
  • $MX 1,000 – Covers Kickstarter fees and taxes.

I know that shipping seems expensive, but it includes tracking number so you are sure about where your package is.

If  you are from Mexico and want to receive your rewards in San Luis Potosí you can message me and I’ll add a  sketch instead of the shipping cost.

I have been doing the previous rewards with a couple of providers and  the products turned really well, so I’m working with them again. All of  the designs are final (maybe an slight modification of the calendars because of the colors). It’s all ready to go!

Front cover of the notebook.
Inner pages and back cover.

The supplier for the notebooks handles maximum quality and makes every one by hand, using quality and sustainable materials.

Notebook specifications:

  • Striped notebook
  • Hard cover
  • Rounded shore
  • 80 pages
  • Size: 21x14cm
  • Bond color cream of 90g
  • Numbered and signed

Holidays are accounted in the productions times, so no delays on my part.

Thank you

I hope that  you can suport this little project as well as the last four, and help me to bring those notebooks a reality. Thank you for read!

Risks and challenges

I learned a lot from the other Kickstarter campaigns, particularly when it comes to managing the logistics for a high number of backers and taxes, if this project is as succesful as the first the shipments can be delayed a little since I send them personally but I’ll send them as quickly as possible. Anyway I’ll be here to let you know what’s going on, answer questions, and get you your products.

Contact Information:


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