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Dec 4, 2019 3:25 PM ET

Small (handmade) Knife with Great Features. Make Comet Knife indispensable accessory for your next outdoor adventure or your craft project

Small (handmade) Knife with Great Features. Make Comet Knife indispensable accessory for your next outdoor adventure or your craft project

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


Hey! The Comet Knife makes you get a life’s boost, as a continuation of a real man, making you irreplaceable in any crew.

 Now you can never get lost even, even in a dense forest. That’s because you have a universal and a true knife in your hand. This is not a lemon, but a real knife that can fix many problems, from everyday house use, to outdoors use, by Golly!

Perhaps you are a skilled craftsman, then this is your tool. Before, you were deprived of such a friendly friend. To solve a number of tasks you needed to have a whole toolbox set. But not now. You can even throw away the beer opener, as now you can do it effectively with Comet Knife. Now there’s just one small but very cool knife that can replace everything you ever had.

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The Comet knife is practical, functional and suitable for everyday wear. I make my knives by hand, assemble by hand, and sharpen them by hand. So, you get a real piece of mastery.            

We had challenges when we began designing the knife. It should be small enough and big enough at the same. Comet Knife is a functional knife and comes with a long service life.

The goal was to establish a compact and multifunctional knife for a long time. The Comet Knife was born after extensive analysis, comparison, technical drawings, and calculations.


All our backers will receive symbolic gifts.


 For Pledge $ 95 or more Award Only

 + Secret gift! Exclusive thing. Author’s design. Handwork.


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For inspiration, I took something from Japanise Kiridashi. This is a small beveled blade with one-sided sharpening which is most suitable for precise cutting. 

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Also for inspiration, I looked for something from a European jamb knife, which used by shoemakers, artisans, and woodcarvers.

The Comet Knife will become an integral part of your daily life. You will want to wear it all the time, every day. Wherever you go.

It’s all about the design – the knife is comfortable and designed to be worn around the neck, as a stylish accessory.

Perhaps someone can underestimate the Comet Knife. But in any case, he will very soon change their mind!

The knife Comet (a mixture of Japan and Europe ) has inexplicably strong charisma, which will be transmitted to you. In any company you always will be in a cuter of attention and call respect with your knife by your side.

With Comet Knife, you will have your guardian angel for all time and your faithful amulet that can carry with you and look stylish at the same time.

I am engaged in the manufacture of knives for over 10 years now. I love to invent new models. I long wanted to make a small knife, able to cope with a large number of tasks, which would always be at hand.

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I would like to devote all my time to creating products that help people more easily cope with everyday activities.  Thus, you not only support me in this project, but also support my enthusiasm, the desire to give you more interesting products.

 For the manufacture of the knife, it was decided to use D2 steel. 

D2 is high-carbon steel that has high hardness, resistance to wear, compression loads and abrasion.   

This steel makes the blade resilient but does not allow it to break. Steel is able to hold the cutting edge for a very long time

  For additional protection of the blade from corrosion, it was further coated with a second layer of anti-corrosion compound.

  • (2) Tightens loose screws.
  • (3) Bottle Opener.
  • (4) Cuts thick Paracords.
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  • (5) Emergency Seat Belt Cutting.
  • (6) Slices Foods and Fruits.
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  • (7) Removes thick Staples
  • (8) Create detailed Wood Carvings
  • (9) Cuts through Wires
  • (10) Scraper (scrape stickers and cleans windshield)
  • (11) Pencil Sharpener
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  • (12) Self-defense
  • (13) Personal Safety

 During the development of the Knife Model, there were many ideas and many questions.

One of these questions was: 

How can the knife be held in the case when worn around the neck?

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  • And then this simple solution that came to us was: the bead holding was invented. 


The first 10 samples will be handed over to their owners immediately after the end of the campaign. The second batch will be created within 2 months.

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10 early birds will be ready to ship.

10 knives are ready and waiting to be sent. 

This is especially great valuables for collectors.

All knives will be made by hand. High quality guaranteed.

The blade is very sharp. Please use with caution.

These blades are among the sharpest and can begin to cut with little or no pressure on the blade. Always use caution and common sense when using your knife. Keep everything that you do not want to be cut far away from the blade.

Please remember to order a “left” or “right” chamber depending on the dominant hand.

You must be 18 years or older to buy. Know your local knife laws before buying.

You are responsible for checking the local laws to determine if you can import or own this tool. We cannot be held responsible if the parcel was confiscated by customs.

I am happy to hear your ideas and feedback, so please continue to send great suggestions. Thank you all!

Risks and challenges

The risks are close to zero, since I already have the first batch, so this means that you are financing the large-scale production of a new product instead of developing a prototype. This is my first kickstarter experience. But I do not foresee any problems and I will use my production time to strengthen the plan and the best delivery process. However, I will always keep you updated on the latest achievements. I pride myself on excellent customer service and your good reviews. You can be sure that your time and investments are in safe hands. I am happy to hear your ideas and feedback, so please continue to send great suggestions. Thank you all!

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