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Dec 4, 2019 1:30 PM ET

OmaVi Language learner We develop mobile apps to help enhance users experience and achieve their language learning goals

OmaVi Language learner We develop mobile apps to help enhance users experience and achieve their language learning goals

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


Everybody deserves to learn the language they desire but how can they do so when most schools and apps offer high paid subscriptions to learn the language you want! 

Our goal is to make the ultimate language learning app and enhance users experience and also help them reach their goals. We already have the app available on google play store but we want to an IOS version as well. The thing is everybody is willing to learn but are lacking the attention or lacking motivation.

We plan to have everybody learn the language they want by going through all these different matterials, Earning coins for their achievements which can be used as real currency to purchase free subscriptions, Rewards, Coupons, Clothing etc… Also you won’t be spending except 1,99$ or 9,99$ on a 1 month or 6 month subscribtion to remove ads. There is a free app to learn your language and keep motivated to earn and spend on stuff that would make you happy. 

We need funding because making the IOS version is expensive. Also to market the app and make it available to users from across the world and we need funding as well to make this dream app come true. We want to add 15 new languages and alot of learning materials to help as well as more in-app games like crossword puzzles, hangman, word search, listening games and need to make an inventory to have these materials ready in the app so you can purchase it with your OmaVi Coins. 

Get money for learning and reward yourself because you deserve it.

Risks and challenges

We want to reach millions of users and help them achieve their language goals and to do so we face challenges every day. -Maintenance -Marketing -Budgets -Services -Updates Every day we think of new updates and services that will help people achieve their goals such as, Listening games, More reading materials, Blogs in which they discuss their issues or difficulties and help each other, We want to add an A.I service that people can talk to and prepare them for conversations when going to a new country or for job interviews and so much more. Marketing is a big deal and no one will know about our app unless we market and advertise about it. We try to make animated videos and more marketing videos to engage with users but all of that goes to nothing if the budget isn’t complete or the funding isn’t available. The only major challenge we are facing is budgeting and funding.

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