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Dec 4, 2019 11:15 AM ET

No more drink spills in your car with my "Handle This". It's for the fast food industry. It helps prevent spills at drive through and other situations

No more drink spills in your car with my

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


“Scene”. You are on your way to work and stop for breakfast at a fast food restaurant. As the employee passes the cup to you he/she is holding it from the bottom which makes it necessary for you to grab the paper or styrofoam cup from the top. The slightest pressure changes the shape of the cup and the lid no longer fits. You end up with drink all over your lap, your laptop, paperwork or whatever. Or, you are a harried parent and stop by a fast food restaurant to pick up dinner for your family. They hand you your drinks in one of those trays. The cup has been snugged down into the tray. You kids(s) grab the cup by the top to pull it out of the tray. Lid pops off and drink and ice go everywhere. Kid starts screaming. Parent pulls into a parking place to run into the restaurant to buy another drink and grab two hand fulls of napkins to attempt to mop up most of the mess. Stress level….Defcon 2. When my idea hits the market (hopefully worldwide) it should solve this problem. I am working with an invention company at this time and they have just completed the “Ideation Sketch”. Things are moving forward!

Risks and challenges

All the risk so far has been to my financial status. I live on disability due to two botched spinal surgeries. I’m also a complete techno igit so my other challenge is figuring out how to get my pictures of my Youtube videos posted to this site! Should you be interested in viewing the videos my Youtube Video 2: I There are two videos. I can’t promise this will work but if the man that invented the “Sleeve” for the major coffee shops to prevent the hot coffee from burning your hands this should work too. Even better in my humble opinion. For those with arthritic hands it’s difficult to wrap your hand around a cup of most any size. My ‘Handle This’ would be much easier to grasp. The picture you see was an easy challenge but, perhaps, not too impressive. I did make a video but cannot get it to download. HUGE challenge. Also a challenge is the limit of only being able to download one picture. This doesn’t allow the inventor to fully express their invention completely. I used poster board to make my prototype. The actual Handle This will be made from corrugated cardboard.

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Cheryl Jones

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