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Dec 4, 2019 7:00 AM ET

Mystic Nature Pin Collection Mystic Nature Pin Collection is a set of hard enamel pins themed around nature

Mystic Nature Pin Collection Mystic Nature Pin Collection is a set of hard enamel pins themed around nature

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


Welcome to my second Kickstarter campaign MYSTIC NATURE, an enlarge continuation of my last enamel pin campaign. Now I’ve got more insight in the process and the calculation of running a campaign. 

I can happily present you five new designs in different styles that come along with three designs, that are created for the first campaign.

With your support you could be part of the realisation and get some of the pins and the extra for yourself. Every backer gets along with the pledge a collection of four postcards.

But see for yourself, what I’ve prepared for you.

The basic goal is represented with the pins EGG, FLOWERS and CRYSTALS. Than stretchgoals can be unlocked, they depend on higher financial stages.

You’ll be able to pick the designs you want at the end of the campaign when the surveys are sent. If more designs become unlocked, they will become also available for your choice!

The five pin designs are stretch goals that could be unlocked after reaching the basic goal.
Stages of financial costs. If we reach 1200 the campaign is successful. :)
The Mockups of the designed backing cards. Each pin comes with a card to you.
Every backer gets a postcard collection as a Thank You for the support.
A available Add-On can be added to your chosen reward.

You can increase, decrease, or cancel your pledge at any time before the campaign is over. 

If you would like more pins, please add additional €11 per pin (for normal and early bird tiers) to the amount that you’ve already pledged OR change to a higher reward tier. 

With the last pledge tier you can get at least eight pins, if somebody want to have more in reward, change your pledge in addition to the amount.

If you would like to get the stickersheet please add additional €3 to the amount that you’ve already pledged.

To change your pledge amount, click the “Manage Your Pledge” button. Then click the “Change your pledge” button and increase your pledge by the total of the add-ons you want to add.

For example, if you’ve already pledged to the “Six Pins” tier and you’d like to add two extra pins, you need to add additional €22 to your pledge without changing your rewards tier. 

To change your pledge tier, click the “Manage Your Pledge” button. Then click the “Change your pledge” button and select the “New reward tier”. 

You’ll be able to pick the designs you want at the end of the campaign when the surveys are sent. 

  •  DECEMBER: Kickstarter campaign starts and ends in about a month.
  •  JANUAR: Kickstarter campaign ends. Funds will be received after about 7-14 days.
  •  Late JANUAR: Rewards surveys are sent out. On this step you’ll tell me what pins                               and if you want the add-on, and add such information as shipping address and etc.
  •  FEBRUAR: Production period. It will take about 1 to 2 weeks for the pins to be shipped to me.
  •  Mid MARCH: Pins + Extras are packaged and shipped out.

For every pin the production of it will cost roughly 350 Euro to create, these pindesigns will be limited. This number includes manufacturing fees and shipping from the factory. All remaining funds raised will be used for the backing card production, shipping to backers, materials, and fees. 

All packages will be shipped with priority and a tracking number. If there will be a problem with your shipping this can easily looked up with the tracking number.

Please be knowledgeable about your country’s import taxes and custom fees before backing the project. Backers will be responsible for these costs, if there will appear any. 

For those who don’t know me:

My name is Natalie, known also as “aglyra” and I’m a graduated product designer and an illustrator. I have so many creative ideas going on, but my goal is always, to leave people with a pleasant feeling through my creativity. :)

I’m also selling prints of my illustrations, pins and stickers online and I’m excited to bring other pin designs to you. It would be so nice to be able to live independently off my creative work some day so I can focus on creating amazing things for people who enjoy it. ♡

Follow me there, to stay updated.

With the last successful Kickstarter campaign I could realise those beautiful pins and stickers. Here is a link to the last campaign:  Mystic Nature – Pins & Stickers 

The pins are available at

If you decide to support the campaign I would be honestly grateful. This makes it able to realise some creations and bring it through products in the world. I appreciate it very much. Thank you for your time and for your interest. ♡

Risks and challenges

I’ve successfully run a Kickstarter campaign and know the ropes on how to manage and calculate things, therefore I feel confident about the realisation of the project. I’m also confident about the pin manufacture, which did the realisation of the last project with high quality. The preparation of printfiles and designs are ready to start off to the pin factory and the print office. Risks come mostly of delayed production times, printing errors and shipment delays. I’ll will be sure to keep everyone informed of all changes, if any issues come up. Please note: Backers will be responsible for any import taxes of their country or custom fees. Please make sure to provide all necessery information to get your packages, before backing the project. Thank you for your time and understanding!

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