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Dec 4, 2019 2:15 PM ET

Invisible Reality Photography with invisible light (IR & UV)

Invisible Reality Photography with invisible light (IR & UV)

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019

Project image for Invisible Reality



I am raising funds to convert my Canon 5Ds dSLR body to full spectrum monochrome. The conversion will cost approximately $2500 + tax and some additional equipment I’ll need. Once converted, I can shoot highly detailed photographs using invisible UV (ultraviolet) & IR (infrared) light, and complete a variety of projects using the machine intelligence enabled narration systems that remain a core part of my art practice.

I will be sharing initial results from these experimental photographs in the form of a limited-edition zine, along with some limited-edition prints.

I currently own a Fuji x100 infrared-modified digital camera, which I used to capture the image of downtown Los Angeles featured above. UV photographs look quite a bit different, and IR photographs with the modified 5Ds should be fairly similar, but with far more detail. All photos will be in black and white, like the one above.

All prints issued will be limited to final quantities, and I promise I will not print them again for at least 800 years…. (Wizards never die.)

If you want to know more about my practice, please visit my website:

All support levels will also include immediate access to my private instagram: (I post most of my current photographic work there, behind my personal patreon paywall, which you can avoid forever by supporting this kickstarter with a one-time $1 payment.)

Thank you for your support.


Ross Goodwin

Risks and challenges

I have had one prior successful Kickstarter, and one I had to cancel (before it was funded) due to lack of interest. Both were far, far more ambitious than this one, but my practice has reached a different stage at this point to be honest. I know the risks and challenges ahead of me with this project — if anything, this one is much more straightforward than any Kickstarter I have proposed. The main thing that could go wrong is if there’s an issue converting my Canon 5Ds body to monochrome full spectrum. I will keep everyone informed about the conversion process, and let folks know as soon as possible if anything goes wrong. However, my backup plan would be to shoot these photos on the infrared FujiFilm x100 that I already own instead. Thanks again for your support. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Contact Information:

Ross Goodwin

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