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Dec 4, 2019 6:40 AM ET

Heavy Gear® Assault Storms on to TurboPlay

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019

TurboPlay Corporation (TurboPlay) is pleased to announce the addition of “Heavy Gear® Assault” to its ever-growing library of quality indie-focused games. “Heavy Gear® Assault” is a next-generation PC title being developed by Stompy Bot, using Epic Games’ latest Unreal Engine 4 technology.

“We’re thrilled to sign ‘Heavy Gear® Assault’ onto the TurboPlay Platform!” said John Nguyen, TurboPlay VP and COO. “As a next-generation refresh of the successful ‘Heavy Gear®’ video games franchise, ‘HGA’ will excite our gamers, esports competitors and streamers alike! We look forward to deepening our relationship with Stompy Bot Productions and to bringing more of their quality titles to TurboPlay in the future.”

“TurboPlay is offering ‘Heavy Gear® Assault’ a second chance at success for both gamers and shareholders alike. I couldn’t be more pleased than to take part in this innovative platform that is sure to be a breath of fresh air in the way we think about digital games distribution,” said James Taylor, Stompy Bot Productions President, and BlocPlay Entertainment VP of Production.

Stompy Bot Productions’ forthcoming mech-based combat-action shooter intends to be ready for deployment in 2019 when TurboPlay officially launches its ground-breaking game distribution platform.

About TurboPlay:

TurboPlay Corporation is redefining video game distribution. We are developing a revolutionary gaming marketplace with technologies and features that both gamers and developers are actually excited about. TurboPlay is a marketplace where ownership of virtual assets, including games, in-game assets, and more are tracked using blockchain; where uptime is guaranteed by a revolutionary peer-to-peer (P2P) network; where gamers are part of a community and are rewarded for their activities and contributions; where developers are fairly compensated, have equal access to gamers, and can make data-driven decisions; where both cryptocurrencies & traditional payment methods are fully supported. TurboPlay will be the world’s first ultra-modern, fully-scalable, fault-tolerant, blockchain and ML/AI powered gaming marketplace, bringing together gamers and developers in new and meaningful ways.

About Stompy Bot/BlocPlay (CSE:PLAY):

Stompy Bot Productions is a wholly owned subsidiary of BlocPlay Entertainment Inc. Stompy Bot is an indie developer and publisher, whose philosophy is to identify and acquire unique video game properties, and apply innovative technologies and game development expertise, to publish, market and sell digital games and media online. Stompy Bot is the exclusive “Heavy Gear®” digital games license holder and publisher of “Heavy Gear® Assault,” the third game in the “Heavy Gear®” franchise.

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