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Dec 4, 2019 2:35 PM ET

Entropy Love. It's Complicated

Entropy Love. It's Complicated

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019

My project

This is the directorial debut project for screenwriter Iyanna Sheree. Entropy embodies the story of a girl in a complicated love situation who finds solace and pure joy in her childhood crush after his sudden reappearance back in her life. The story brings together the truth about real love accompanied by real confusion when hurt comes into the atmosphere. With poetry and spoken word as the sound track of her life, in Entropy, Isis tries to write and perform her way through what may seem like a love trap.

My plan

A group of recent graduates, some college students, and some in between have all linked together to push forth the vision of the story, “Entropy” showing a feeling we all have once encountered, love. Your support can bring this vision to life to audiences who can relate that love is complicated, yet so attractive. It’s something common that all of us can be one united front on.

So far we have our passionate cast and crew. We have our locations and permits. We are shooting December 11th and 12th. What we need is funding for production and mainly post production, primarily editing, voice over, and other production expenses. All of which will take place as soon as shooting is complete. We’d like everything edited by mid January to push the project in a continuous forward motion.  We need funding for distribution and marketing such as, posters, websites, etc. We are submitting this project to many film festivals so your contributions will also go towards costs for submissions for those festivals. This is a passion project and any contributions will be much appreciated. 


All rewards and details listed in the Rewards section!

Risks and challenges

We are shooting December 11! All donations will go towards the shoot, post and distribution! We know with your support we will be able to make this project happen! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Contact Information:

Iyanna Sheree

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