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Dec 4, 2019 2:45 PM ET

EIRINN HAYHOW AW20 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS Looking to fund my AW20 collection, made from 100% recycled materials and raise money for pilgrims hospice and pancreatic cancer

EIRINN HAYHOW AW20 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS Looking to fund my AW20 collection, made from 100% recycled materials and raise money for pilgrims hospice and pancreatic cancer

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


‘Putting my legs through plastic carrier- bags from our weekly shopping trips, pulling up the handles like straps, I had made my first pair of dungarees. I was not allowed to wear high- heels. Paper-merching together tissue boxes and toilet roll tubes I painted them pink, putting on my heels and dungarees, I strutted down my garden like a catwalk.’

See beauty in everything, see the light in the darkness. I reimagine our waste materials into high-vibe garments, ready- to- wear on the catwalk. Fashion has always been hugely important to me, it gives you the opportunity to be whoever you want to be, it enables you to create an armour to face the world each day.  Fashion enables you to be truly you. 

My love for fashion came from my mother, she always dressed me in the coolest clothes.  She was elegant and androgynous, 100% unique.  

Battling with pancreatic cancer in 2013,  Fashion and styling herself each day, helped her fight this incurable disease.  She was the most fashionable person I know. Fashion was her armour to smile and face the world each day, now I do the same.

The fashion industry is the world’s second biggest contribution to global warming, with 350,000 tonnes, that’s around £140 million worth of used but still wearable clothing going to landfill in the UK every year.

My brand says NO to FAST FASHION.

It is my intention to help solve our global waste crisis by creating imaginative solutions  to unwanted materials. 

I have  partnered with the pilgrims hospice,  who were incredible with my mum at the end of life. I wanted to give something back, so I will be offering workshops in upcycling in exchange for unwanted materials.  Amazing Fashion designer now artist Alex Noble, donated me waste fabrics from his previous collections, and I am super excited to see all these waste materials come together and form my collection.

I will be combining these materials with innovative sustainable materials such as pineapple leather ( the waste of pineapple leaves ) hemp denim, and bamboo fibres. 

I graduated with a distinction on my MA in Fashion Design this October. we finished 1 look as part of the course.  I have designed the other 8 looks, and am now trying to raise money to manufacture these pieces at eco and ethical apparel tasker in London.

Please help me begin my journey, even the smallest donation will help me on the way to achieve my goal!

This Year I have made huge progress already with my brand, curating exhibitions at the Turner Contemporary and Soho House Berlin. 

It has been an HONOUR to work with so many amazing talented creatives, Make-up artists, models, filmakers, photographers, artists Hair stylists, all striving for a sustainable future.

By manufacturing a full collection, I will have sell a chance to sell my brand at stores such as Dover Street Market, Selfridges, The Store and 50m Store in London.  

 Help me make my brand my life! :)

Please note that I will be donating 5% of the money raised in this kickstarter to Pancreatic Cancer UK and 5% to Pilgrims Hospice.

Each year as my brand grows, I will still donate these amounts to these charities.

Thankyou in advance.

Love Erin x

You can see more videos of my catwalks and interviews with my creative time on my youtube channel

ps thanks Jess Dadds for making this film

and dream safari for his graphic design work xxx

Risks and challenges

I am seeking funding, as I do not have the initial equity to complete me first collection. My challenges will be to ensure I sell enough pieces to make my first annual costs back. I will be helping this by having two different price points. I will have a range of high – end pieces, and I selection of more commercial tshirts that will be at a lower price point.

Contact Information:

Erin Laurel Hayhow

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