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Dec 4, 2019 2:00 PM ET

CARBON VAULT Carbon Fibre, Light Weight, Travel Safe

CARBON VAULT Carbon Fibre, Light Weight, Travel Safe

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


Hi Everyone, thanks for taking the time to view the CARBON VAULT Kickstarter campaign!

If you frequently travel with expensive items, you will have noticed your possessions are constantly vulnerable to opportunist thieves, e.g. busy locations with potential pick-pockets, valuables left in accommodation, or simply whenever your attention is diverted. Due to these potential risks the CARBON VAULT concept was realised. Having a secure, durable and portable safe could prevent the disappointment and financial consequence of losing items. 

Other portable safes on the market were either too small, insecure bags lacking a tough outer shell, or only offered partial cut-resistance and theft deterrent. These issues, plus the need for the ability to charge items whilst secure, were the basis for the CARBON VAULT design.

Many people do not realise travel insurers (UK) commonly cover up to a maximum of £300 ($388) per item. Replacing a tablet, smartphone or watch worth £1000+ is going to put you considerably out of pocket.

Example Travel Items
Approx. Total Item Replacement Value


“Cut-Tex® PRO is a soft, cut resistant fabric, offering truly outstanding, fully certified and thoroughly field-tested levels of cut, tear, puncture and abrasion resistance.”…”at least 5 times more cut resistant than Kevlar® products rated level 3 at 5N.”
Setting combination: the lock arrives with default 0-0-0 code, full instructions are included with your Carbon Vault on how to set your personal code. No special tools are needed, and the lock can be set in less than a minute.
Inside the Carbon Vault, insert the USB cable normally used to charge your item, plug the supplied cable (standard USB to micro USB) into the wall charger and Carbon Vault to charge through. Two USB ports on the inside enable simultaneous charging.
Poron XRD properties: “The soft contouring material instantly dissipates force upon impact – absorbing up to 90% of energy…”

Design History & Product Process

Designed and individually hand crafted in the UK, every process is undertaken in house; enabling quality control management and shipping only the highest quality products. Your Carbon Vault will be unique, due to the carbon fibre hand lay up process and construction of components.

Product Timeline
Prototype Testing
Prototype Testing

Where Your Pledge Goes

Plans Once Successfully Backed

Craft3d Carbon is a start-up business bringing you Carbon Vault as its first product. We are reaching out to the Kickstarter crowdfunding community, not just to purchase a product, but to help with the initial set up costs of a new business.

Planning for the scaling up of manufacture is an important consideration. Setting order limits and staggered product batch releases, will increase the chances of achieving targets.

As a backer, you will be kept regularly informed throughout the process by receiving updates on milestones and delivery dates.


All Carbon Vault shipments will be track-able and signed for using Royal Mail for UK deliveries, and reputable delivery companies for overseas customers.

At the end of the campaign you will receive a form to fill in with your shipment details.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

All our Carbon Vault backers will receive a two year manufacturer’s guarantee, valid from the date of signed-for-delivery. This guarantee extends to the original end user of the product and covers the unlikely occurrence of a manufacturer’s defect or mechanical failure. Kickstarter backer’s should contact Craft3d Carbon to resolve any issue in the first instance. If Craft3d Carbon, at its own discretion, acknowledges that the product has manufacturing defects, Craft3d Carbon will cover the cost of either repairing or replacing the defective parts or product itself. Contact details will be provided once the campaign has finished.

The guarantee does not cover the following:

Craft3d Carbon does not cover any damage caused by improper care, mishandling, misuse or overload of the product in a manner contrary to accompanying instructions, neglect, alteration, accidental damage, natural wear and tear or transport damage (e.g. plane hold luggage).

Craft3d Carbon does not accept any liability for injury to persons, loss or theft of the product, loss of personal items or damage to third party products used in conjunction with a Carbon Vault. Craft3d Carbon’s liability is limited solely to the retail value of the product.

Craft3d Carbon does not cover the purchaser’s postage costs or products lost in transit during return.


We are continually developing the Carbon Vault, subsequently minor changes to the design or manufacturing processes may occur in the period after the campaign has finished. Any alterations will improve the product functionality or streamline the manufacturing process, however the overall concept and design will remain.

Complex shaped carbon fibre products commonly have slight weave alignment distortion, this does not effect structural integrity or strength.

Carbon Vault is tough enough to withstand certain cutting implements, a high level of force and will deter the majority of opportunist thieves, however as with any safe, given enough time and metal-cutting power tools, they can be accessed.

Risks and challenges

Potential challenges might be the delivery and set up time of new equipment and product components. Currently everything is in stock, however this could change at the time of purchase. There is an added margin in the delivery dates, we aim to deliver before these time frames if possible.

Contact Information:

Rob_Craft3d Carbon

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