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Dec 4, 2019 3:15 PM ET

Ascension: Return Of The Ageless A fantasy turn based RPG, with a heavy focus on characters, and story

Ascension: Return Of The Ageless A fantasy turn based RPG, with a heavy focus on characters, and story

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


I need to start from the beginning to explain it all. From concept, to lore. I’ll segment it off in sections so you can skip the boring parts! 


Years ago, we had an idea, a story we wanted to share but couldn’t figure out a viable way to go about it. As a two man team, there wasn’t a ton of options until we stumbled upon the idea of a game. With that, we could not only tell the story we wanted, but improve on it and add more routes. I myself am a huge Mass Effect fan and love the character depth the series has, a real connection to the characters. Meanwhile the Co-founder is a huge Final Fantasy fan. When we had talked about it, we realized that both games focus on one point or the other: Mass Effect is all story, little to no RPG, while the Final Fantasy series is the opposite. The series is story driven, but has characters nowhere near as deep as Mass Effect. The result is a set of characters that are believable.  Each have their own issues, likes, and dislikes, wrapped in a 2D turn based RPG. The world isn’t nice, much like Game of Thrones, and at times it can be brutal.

 So, for roughly two years, Ascension had no title and was being self-funded. So here we are now, hoping to push this entire thing forward!


Eons ago, Gods waged a war on Arren. Cities were razed and Empires fell. A lone soldier, mortally wounded, collapses to his knees. He sees his city burning in the flames of war. Nothing remains of this except the legend. Not even the Gods.

3000 years later, there are whispers of people with unusual abilities. The King, in a panic, starts a crusade to find and execute these people. No one is safe. Thrown into a cell to be sent to the Gallows, you escape with the help of two suspicious people. They display abilities unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

Roped into escaping with nowhere to go, this is where it begins.

It is not only these two with you unraveling the mystery, there are 7 in total.  They won’t always come to you. Some will need to be found.

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You’ll take one companion with you. At first we thought of a full party system, but decided on one person to take along. With just one person, it gave a bigger feeling of closeness. They’ll fight along side you, with you making the decisions and calling the shots. Be it dragons to bandits, they’ve got you.

So you might ask, why Kickstarter?

It is really difficult to talk about what to add and keep it spoiler free.  Simply put, there are gameplay elements we’d love to add, including artwork.  The costs associated with completion of the game are beyond our funding capabilities.  It won’t be possible without help.   I’ve set the minimum we need to finish all the artwork for the project.

In the end, this is a passion project. It is a game and a story – we’d love to share with everyone. If you have any questions, we have a discord! 

 Ascension-Discord  – There it is!
 Ascension-YouTube – The YouTube!
 Ascension-Twitter – Ye olde twitter!

Thanks for taking the time to look over the project! See you on Arren! 

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Risks and challenges

This is an RPG maker MV game. I know how that sounds, and the stigma involved. Fear not! With enough effort, even an RPG maker game can be great! (To The Moon comes to mind). There is also no gameplay shown. Simply put, that’s because it’s too early to show. The battlers are the closest things we’ve got at the moment. Multiple parts of the project are being worked on at one time, including re-doing default assets. We also don’t want to spoil everything we’ve got! The voiced characters in the cinematics displayed are also placeholder. There will be voice acting, but I just wanted to get some of what we had out there an an example!

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