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Dec 4, 2019 12:20 PM ET

ALPINE | The Next Generation of Work Pants for Women Performance stretch fabric tailored for work. Ultra breathable & Anti-odor made for long work days. Say hello to comfort

ALPINE | The Next Generation of Work Pants for Women Performance stretch fabric tailored for work. Ultra breathable & Anti-odor made for long work days. Say hello to comfort

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


 We’re Alpine Garments- We create functional and technical clothing for the modern professional. After over 8 months of research and development, our team is ready to introduce the Alpine Work Pants for Women.

This is the one pair that will replace five pairs. The unique combination of polyamide  natural wool and elastane gives you a cool breathable feel all day, while the fibers boast a 4 way stretch. The synthetic fibers allow the pants to fight off stale odors, while keeping a breathable and waterproof shell. Inspired by quality outdoor performance wear- redesigned for the office.

With fast fashion rapidly gaining steam by offering cheap, short life garments- we wanted to stand out. Our plan from the start of our brand has been “better materials, better quality.” The Alpine Work pants are constructed of two of the best Fibers available- Wool and Polyamide. When combined, these two fiber allow for a very comfortable and stretchy pair of pants, while offering a cool level of breathability. The hardware on these pants is military grade, and stitching is reinforced- makes these pants a staple in your closet.

A Modern Fit for ALL Women:  These pants are MADE TO WORK. That means a pair tailored to not only look good, but made from stretch fibers which stretch hugs your legs. A tapered leg opening with a straight fit gives these pants the ability to be paired with nearly any outfit.

Polyamide is a  synthetic fiber which is typically used in technical clothing such as hiking gear and yoga wear. Combing nylon and poly, the fibers offer a moisture wicking shell, while keeping a soft touch. The Wool base gives the pants  a stretch that you would typically find in yoga pants, and allows the pants to spring back into shape after being wrinkled.. The fibers also wick away moisture- keeping you cool all day long. 

 If you’re in the office all day, or on the field shooting a photo session, the Alpine pants will keep you moving in and outdoors. The 4 way stretch allows you to move in any direction, without any type of restriction. This is especially vital when you’re outdoors. The stretch is so comfortable that you can even work out or go hiking wearing the Alpine Pants.

Unlike typical cotton or polyester office pants, the Alpine Work Pants won’t trap heat and leave you feeling uncomfortable through out your day. The wool base of the fabric naturally reacts to change in body temperature in cool or warm conditions.

Pockets made to actually work. Unlike most women pants on the market which offer small or no pockets, our pocket are large. Large enough to store your mobile phone or wallet. A invisible side zip allows your to securely and comfortable stash valuables such as credit cards and cash. Stash more. Carry Less,

Unlike most fast fashion brands, we want to be a staple in your closet for years to come. We test our fabric blend to ensure it will last the test of time.No Shrinkage. Wrinkle Free. Double sealed seams. Resist fading over time. Durable front buttons. Reinforced arm pit stitching 


 Available in sizes XS to 3X, as well as 3 inseams- Made for the perfect fit. Our stretch fabric combined with tailored fitting conforms to your every movement without any restriction. The bottom of the pants are slightly tapered to give a clean look in any setting.

Our mission is simple: to make the most comfortable pair of work pants a woman can own. We bring high quality fabrics, design and functionality, all at a price every woman can afford. 

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Risks and challenges

Being this is not a tech project, we do not foresee any major setbacks in delivery. Our team has spent the better part of the year sourcing and testing fabric from various mills, as well as meeting with shipping/logistics partners. Common hurdles that may arise are delays in shipment due to production hold-ups. This is something many small to mid size brands run into. Since we have delivered our last product only a few weeks after delivery date, we feel we can use our experience to delivery a flawless product in a timely manner. Choosing the perfect size for pants can be tricky, and our job is to make that job easier. If your pants do not fit for you, we offer a 60 day exchange policy. Shipping will be pre-paid by Alpine Garments with a one week turnaround time. For any questions, send us over a message at

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