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Dec 3, 2019 10:20 AM ET

Ochis: ecological eyewear made of coffee Innovative and ecological eyewear made of coffee waste. Eco-friendly, lightweight sunglasses & glasses with screen & sun protection

Ochis: ecological eyewear made of coffee Innovative and ecological eyewear made of coffee waste. Eco-friendly, lightweight sunglasses & glasses with screen & sun protection

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 3, 2019


Hello Kickstarter, we’re Ochis – the first coffee-based sustainable eyewear brand. 

In our opinion, we live in a world which is filled up with all sorts of plastic. And, as we know, these materials degrade for a very long time when thrown away, and, besides that, they harm the plants, animals, people, and planet in general. Ochis can help in solving this big problem as we’ve invented the first eyewear made of coffee with using no plastic at all – the first step to changing something ubiquitous for better.

This is our second collection of coffee eyewear, and we are happy to introduce it to you! If you want to help us in making our world greener and to get exclusive glasses made of coffee, please click “Back this project”. Do not wait till summer to buy glasses, because you can be one of the first who has eyewear made of coffee! Thank you for your support! (Here you can see our 1st collection).

Your opinion is very important to us! We are always interested in receiving your comments and feedback. In turn, we always try to provide our customers with the highest level of services and make sure that you are delighted with our products.


Ochis is the first fully eco-friendly eyewear made of coffee that combines high quality, great design, and the best eye protection, with advanced eco-technology for reduced environmental impact. Our eyewear is made from biodegradable compound consisting of natural coffee, flax, and copolymer that makes your frame completely safe for you and for the environment.

The new Ochis glasses are thinner and lighter, so you can feel more comfortable wearing them every day. They are lightweight, water-resistant, durable, and they also have screen and sun protection thanks to the innovative lenses.

This time we’ve decided to level our products up. In addition to using eco-friendly and reusable materials, we made our new glasses ideally tailored to your face. More advanced technology allowed us to focus more on the design part, creating a unique and stylish collection of eyewear. Now we are ready to announce that there are two brand new styles available in two different colors, and here they are!

Here is the first fully-ecological eyewear made of coffee that combines natural materials, delicate design, and eye-protection with advanced optical technology.

We are focusing on your appearance using our fresh design, and so we have designed our new frames to serve as an ideal fit for your face. Ochis are lightweight, comfortable to wear and durable while still using recycled coffee grounds.

Because they are so lightweight! The frame is only 20g! 

Ochis have become lighter and the weight is just 20g now! Thanks to the innovative eco-compound, the frame is lighter than ordinary plastic one, so you will be completely comfortable with your Ochis even at the end of the day. The lightweight design and custom nose bridge will make you forget that you’re wearing glasses at all!

Add more style to your everyday outfit.

Ochis is not just a high-quality and innovative eyewear but also a stylish accessory for every day that completes your image.

Feel maximum comfort wearing Ochis even at the end of the day.

Ochis are universal: made for anyone, for any day, for any occasion. Comfortable in the morning and comfortable in the evening. By adjusting the adaptive nose pads and customizable temples, you can be sure to almost forget you’re wearing glasses for the whole day.

Enjoy excellent handmade quality in every touch.

It takes 39 steps for each frame to be made using high-precision digital equipment and then refined to an ideal state by the hands of our experts.

Ochis sit perfectly on your face.

Ochis are comfortable for people with different facial types because you can adapt the nose bridge specifically for your needs.

Ochis are water-resistant – wear them everywhere you go!

Don’t be afraid to get them wet. Ochis are water-resistant, thanks to a particular hydrophobic layer. So you can even swim with your Ochis on.

We’ve improved every detail of the eyewear.

We always keep an eye on the details – it allows us to make perfect eyewear for everyday life.

You are getting durable and flexible frames for everyday use.

We made eyewear more durable and reliable by placing metal rods in the temples so that you can wear your favorite glasses for years. Ochis will not break even falling from a height!

Adaptive and innovative lenses will save your eyes from the sun and screens. 

Ochis make use of innovative lenses that protect your eyes from harmful blue light that is emitted by your devices; additionally, they will also protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation. The lenses darken when you go outside, and brighten when you go inside, relieving stress from the eyes wherever you may go.

 Classic (Polarized Lenses) 

Sunglasses with polarized lenses are better for driving and sports. Since they reduce glare from light reflecting off the flat surfaces such as the car hood, the road pavement, water, or snow surface, you can use them while skiing or reading a book at the beach. Moreover, blocking light reflection increases visual clarity and reduces eye strain.

Premium (Shade lenses with Blue Light protect) 

What are premium lenses? They are glasses and sunglasses in one pair. These are transparent indoors and darken up to 70% in bright sunlight. A pleasant and long-awaited update for your eyes. Our dimming technology allows you to get two pairs of stylish eyewear in one perfect pair.

Forget about tired eyes! Our premium lenses are exactly what you need in the modern digital age. Nanotechnological coatings serve as a protection against blue light during daily exposure to screens.

The primary source of harmful HEV light in our lives is our digital screens. From TV to tablets, computers to smartphones, we regularly expose ourselves to unnatural blue light. The premium lenses on Ochis will limit the amount of blue light your eyes exposed to, making use of your devices more enjoyable.

Our lenses protect your eyes all day long wherever you are. Your eyes are relaxed, whether you’re at work, driving or watching TV. All our lenses have maximum UV protection and provide a 100% filter against harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays, including blue light from digital screens. Invisible coatings make your glasses the best daily ally, adapting to any situation.

We can install corrective lenses according to your prescription. You can specify your parameters after the completion of the campaign.


All the production processes are carried out in our manufactory under personal control, which allows us to monitor the quality of the glasses closely.

We only use recyclable and natural materials for the eyewear production: coffee grounds, flax and they’re glued together by a biopolymer based on vegetable oil. It’s pressed and processed by a digital machine with mathematical precision to avoid inaccuracies.

The first step is to polish them by hand a grinding machine. This procedure allows us to remove the unnecessary layers.

Polishing by hands is the essential phase of the process of frame production. This stage helps us to reach the maximum possible accuracy. Each frame is covered with a special oil that allows for achieving a more glossy effect.

Each frame is hand-assembled by our experienced craftsmen to get the best quality.

Don’t you think that coffee is a good material for eyewear?




Your opinion is important to us, and we are always interested in listening to your thoughts and getting feedback.We highly appreciate your feedback on what is worth improving, it will help us to become stronger and to make the best eyewear for you.

We believe that eyewear should be a natural addition to your face. It should complement your style, and we want to play an active role in this process and help you create the desired image. Our designs are invented for you based off facial anatomy and current trends research, so you can always look and feel perfect wearing them.


We are shipping worldwide.

Standard shipping: Delivery time 10-21 days – Free

Express shipping: Delivery time 4-7 days – $15 

(Delivery time is indicated excluding the time for eyewear production.)

 Thank you!

Ochis is your eco-conscious choice of trendy and comfortable glasses, perfect for everyday life.   You want to help us protect our environment?  Please click “Back this project” – you will get your new stylish pair of coffee-based Ochis eyewear, and we will get an opportunity to produce more eco-friendly glasses instead of using non-recyclable plastic.

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Risks and challenges

All production processes are carried out in our manufactory under personal control, which allows us to monitor the quality of the glasses closely. We know exactly how much time and equipment we need to complete your order. There should not be unexpected moments that would prevent us from fulfilling our liabilities. After successful funding, we will monitor the implementation of temporary commitments, which we indicated with a margin of time. We will notify all supporters of our progress with regular updates about the project.

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