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Dec 2, 2019 2:15 PM ET

BATHPAD - The World`s First Bathtub Mattress Our BathPad will help you to relieve tension throughout your body and relax your mind. It will turn every bath into a unique experience

BATHPAD - The World`s First Bathtub Mattress Our BathPad will help you to relieve tension throughout your body and relax your mind. It will turn every bath into a unique experience

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 2, 2019


Seriously? There is no mattress for the bathtub?!

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that just seem to be too matching to be true. 

For the last three years we have developed the first BathPad in order to make every bath a unique and super relaxing experience. By combining pressure relief and warmth, our product will support the rehabilitation of back, spine, joint & muscle pain. 

So if you like the idea of adding even more comfort to your bathtub, please support our project.

Together we can bring the BathPad to every household and bathroom in the world!

Bath On Clouds:

Here at Bath On Clouds we ́re uniting creativity, an innovative spirit and a certain passion for the bathroom. Bath On Clouds presents exclusive luxurious products, which will beautify your daily life in the bathroom and turn it into a unique experience. 

Our young and dynamic team is developing especially tailored product solutions that will suit everyone – from young to old.

We want to turn your bathtub into an oasis of well being that will allow you to escape your daily life routine, relax body & soul and enjoy a top-class spa experience. 

We live our products!

Dear Kickstarter Community,

I am very happy to introduce you to my unique product.

At the age of 18, I have made the decision to become self-employed.

After the first few years and failures, I began to understand that not only a good idea is crucial to be successful.

You really have to make your goals an absolute life task.

My ability to combine individual thinking with a passion for innovative products has encouraged me to become an entrepreneur.

Modesty, perseverance and the belief to never give up, has allowed me to put my plans into action.

I wanted to create a product that is unique and can be used by anyone.

Four years ago, I realized (while I was bathing) that only neck pillows and anti-slip mats are available in the market and a bathing mattress would be way more comfortable.

On this day, I decided to invent the world’s first bathtub mattress.

I was deeply convinced that I had found a gap in the market that could change the bathing behavior of the whole world.

But the biggest challenge was to find the right material and a suitable manufacturer.

After 4 years and several prototypes, I am finally ready to present my innovative product.

The Bathpad by Bath On Clouds is a result of passionate research & development.

My team and I have put the highest level of comfort and durability in our product in order to bring you a bathtub mattress that will revolutionize our bathing behavior.

After we tested the Bathpad on Amazon, we finally had the proof of concept. We sold out after a short time and now we seek to expand and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a bath as comfortably as possible.

The Bathpad is the perfect Christmas present, so please support our Christmas Campaign!

We sincerely thank all of you for being apart of our project.

Together we can revolutionize the bathing market!

Everybody will receive a  christmas voucher as confirmation!


Bath On Clouds has developed a high quality premium product that unites hygiene, optimal climate function and maximum comfort. Our standard is measured by the use of modern functional textiles and the environmentally friendly durability of our products.

Great functionality 

  •  All products designed by Bath On Clouds are thermoregulating, comfortable, hygienic, long-lasting and ecologic. High-tech products, which are defined by the particular functionality of 3D-AirMesh materials. 

Intelligent product design 

  •  We focus on innovative products, which are defined by a timeless, modern and functional design. That is why all products of Bath On Clouds combine best functionality with an innovative 3D Design – All our products are visual highlights.  

State of the art 3D-AirMesh technology

  •  Our Bath On Clouds products are being manufactured with the most modern technology of 3D-AirMesh, a new three-dimensional high-end textile with outstanding characteristics that will meet all requirements of a luxurious product.


  • To have happy and satisfied customers is one of our primary goals. That is why Bath On Clouds products are always made from high quality textiles and components, which have already proven to be very long lasting and functional. Extensive quality checks guarantee that each     item is in a perfect condition, when purchased by our customers. 


The BathPad helps to relax your muscles and spine and is perfect for rehabilitation purposes as well as for everyday use. It is easy to clean and to stow (travel bag included), durable and very comfortable. The supplied wash bag protects the pillow from obstacles or suction cups that stick to the side of the machine. 

The BathPad will turn your bathroom routine into a unique experience. 

It’s just the perfect gift for your friends and family!

  •  Thermoregulating 
  • Comfortable 
  • Hygienic
  • Durable 
  • Ecological
  • Fast drying 
  • Moisture repellent 
  • Breathable 
  • Patented design in Europe and USA 
  • Ergonomically 
  • Depth: 3cm (much thicker than any other bathtub inlay on the market) 
  • The precise processing technology ensures a permanent connection and almost indestructible fixation of the components. This guarantees the durability and high quality of our products!

 Thank you so much beeing a part of this!

Risks and challenges

We decided to deliver worldwide! It`s a fact that regarding the delivery terms there is always a risk of belated deliveries!

Your Bath On Clouds Team

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