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Nov 29, 2019 5:24 AM ET

College Campus Tours Agency, Fantastic Tours & Travel, Explains the Benefits of Students Seeing Colleges First-hand

College Campus Tours Agency, Fantastic Tours & Travel, Explains the Benefits of Students Seeing Colleges First-hand

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 29, 2019

COMMACK, N.Y.— Deciding where they want to attend college is an exciting, yet sometimes stressful experience for high school students. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what institution they want to attend, and a lot of information they need to consider. When it comes to ways to gather that information, nothing compares to an in-person visit.

College campus tours agency, Fantastic Tours & Travel, explains the benefits of students seeing colleges first-hand.

Getting a real feel for the campus. Nothing compares to firsthand experience when it comes to getting a feel for the campus. Visiting the campus lets students see the amenities, the housing and dining options, and the classes. They can see if the campus has all of the amenities and types of people they could see themselves living with for the next four years.

An opportunity to ask questions. When researching colleges online, students can only find out the information they provide on their website. Meeting with campus representatives in person gives students the opportunities to ask all the questions they want, and hear the answers from people who have experienced it for themselves.

A chance to talk to current students and staff. One of the most valuable things about an in-person college visit is the ability to talk to current students and professors. Students can stop by the student union, food courts, and bookstores to immerse themselves in campus culture. There, they can participate in on-campus events and speak to current students and staff to understand more about life as a student at that university.

Visiting the surrounding city. If the college is in a town or city that students have never been to, an in-person visit is the perfect opportunity to get to know it.  Similar to seeing the campus for the first time, students can see if the surrounding city meets their needs and wants for the next chapter of their lives.

An in-person visit is vital to the college decision process. A college campus tour agency like Fantastic Tours & Travel can help schools and organizations set up tours of colleges all over the country, so students get all the information they need to make this important decision.

About Fantastic Tours & Travel

Fantastic Tours & Travel is a national tour company creating customized tour experiences for schools across America. Founded in 1984 and holding WBE status, the Fantastic Tours team is experienced, passionate, and proud of their unique approach to educational travel. Their mission is to assist you in creating an enriching experience outside the classroom with travel, with a dedicated 24/7 client service approach.

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