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Nov 27, 2019 12:50 PM ET

The Mission Cards The Mission Cards is a simple card game offering missions to be completed during your event, party, weekend adventure

The Mission Cards The Mission Cards is a simple card game offering missions to be completed during your event, party, weekend adventure

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Do you desire deeper human connections during social gatherings? The Mission Cards offer the permission to engage in a playful and meaningful way. 

Bring people together, turn strangers into friends, inspire adventure.

We all want to be present for life, right?   Be a part of the movement. 


The Mission Cards is a card game offering simple missions to be accomplished over a period of time you set. Play them at a party, corporate gathering, weekend getaway, basically anywhere you want people to connect. After selecting a Mission, Players get to decide the best moment to complete their Mission.  Once Mission accomplished they come back for another Mission. By the end of the set amount of time, whoever has the most accomplished Missions wins. 

Watch the magic unfold throughout your event as people find perfect moments to complete their Missions. 

We are passionate about our Mission offering simple Missions and giving people the permission to Play Outside the Box.  

Our Core Values


We, Adele and Diane, have been creating Missions for our friends and family for years and bring them to almost all the gatherings we go to. We’ve tested hundreds of Missions over and over to curate Editions containing the most popular and impactful Missions. 

Message us on IG (@TheMissionCards) if you can figure out which cards were written by the native French speaker.

The inspiration to create this game for the public came during a trip to Czech Republic with 12 of our friends for 10 days. We bought a few decks of playing cards and hand wrote missions on the cards. Presenting the game to our friends we said: “Everyone gets one mission to start, after you complete that mission come back to either Diane or Adele with a witness to your Mission Accomplished and select a new Mission Card. By the last day of the trip whoever has the most cards wins.” 

Together we accomplished over 100 unique Missions throughout the trip.  For instance, while we were all waiting for a ferry ride someone needed to accomplish their mission of doing the Macarena in a public place with a minimum of 8 people. So all 14 of us got up and did the Macarena together inspiring some local Czech people to join in; creating so much laughter and fun while we waited. 

A quiet one in the group received the Mission, “Propose a toast.” During one night’s dinner he mustered up the courage to get up in front of everyone and deliver a very touching toast.   

“The Mission Cards added some spice to our trip and got us interacting with locals in fun unexpected ways. It gave us a good excuse to be adventurous and weird in a foreign land! So much fun!”  -Dan (The Mission Cards Champion) 

The Mission Cards shaped the experience of the whole trip offering countless memorable and magical moments. 

We are confident and excited that The Mission Cards will bring magical moments to your life as it has for ours.  


Be the person to bring this experience to those around you and elevate any gathering you attend with The Mission Cards.  It’s so rewarding to witness your friends and family connect in a fun way to livening up any party. 

Go on Missions during your next birthday party, family campout, holiday party, baby shower… or whatever your next social gathering is.    


We have slowly been bringing this project to life. Creating a logo and design we LOVE (we love you Jayme!) along with a kick-ass promo video (Mikey, you are a genius director). Putting together an initial website (thank you Fred for your dedication). Investing in incorporating Playful Life Games, LLC (Alanna you rock at getting us organized). Onboarding a bookkeeper/accountant (Liana so happy to have you on our team).  Researching and prototyping cards and box designs for the best quality for the price; building relationships with these suppliers (Matt you are quality). All of these people are setting us up for long term success.

Hitting our Kickstarter goal will provide us the capital to complete: 

  • Website update to include a retail section. 
  • Large print run of decks and packaging to minimize unit costs. 
  • Marketing and advertising to expand our Mission to bring magical moments to thousands of people. 

By exceeding our goal we will expedite the creation of more Editions and Themed Expansion packs. Message us with what other Editions you would love to play.

We are invested in making this game a success and getting into stores by next holiday season!

How we will use the funds from Kickstarter


Players: Anyone and everyone who draws a Mission from The Mission Cards deck.

Facilitator: The person who holds the deck of cards, distributes them to the Players and verifies that a Mission has been Accomplished with a Witness.

Note: The Facilitator can also draw Missions for himself or herself.

At the start of a new game, the Players agree upon the set time frame within which the game will be played.

You decide how long to play; over the course of a 5-day trip or a 3-hour party?

How To Play:

The Facilitator fans The Mission Cards face down in front of the Players.

Each Player draws one Mission to start. The Player can complete that Mission right away, or wait for an opportune moment to Accomplish the Mission.

Once a Mission is Accomplished, the Player must provide at least one Witness to the Facilitator to prove that the Mission is Accomplished. The Player may then draw a new Mission.

The Player with the most Missions Accomplished at the end of the set time frame for the game is the WINNER!

The magical moments created by the Players in accomplishing their Missions will result in victories for all who Play Outside the Box.

Mix and match Editions and extension packs.

4 Editions Ready to Play

The Mission Cards come in a beautiful magnetic closure box perfect for gifting the magic.  It is compact enough to take with you anywhere and strong enough to last play after play.  We are in the process of ordering samples of this solid packaging and will post updated photos as soon as we receive them… stay tuned! 

We have many more editions and expansion packs coming your way, but for now there are 4 to play from. 

Each Edition holds 52 unique Missions. They are printed on premium quality linen card stock that is both durable and sleek to the touch. 

All the cards on the inside of these packages look the same so you can mix and match them for one large deck.

Original:  Play with the 52 most popular Missions created over the years since the birth of The Mission Cards. Tried and tested hundreds of times to engage all of us, from any age, anywhere, at any occasion.

Bachelorette: Sparkle the bachelorette party experience with Missions to play over a night of shenanigans or over a weekend getaway.  What happens at the bachelorette stays at the bachelorette ;)  21+

Corporate:  Introduce fun and meaningful moments to make your workplace a better place. Use them for icebreakers during a convention break-out session, add them at a happy hour mixer, or play them in the office as a week long game. The Missions are office approved material. 

Family: Play at home during family game night for a fun way to connect.  Or add these Missions to a family vacation and watch the magic happen as family members go on Missions. Who knew Aunt Mary was so competitive?!  Suitable for all humans from ages 6 and up.

Customized Editions

The Mission Cards offer experiences customized to your event to include your logo and hashtag and missions specific to your demographic. 

See pledges $75 and up to get your own customized deck.

Elements Festival 2019


To all of our family and friends who have been going on Missions with us over the years. Your enthusiasm has inspired us to convert our handwritten Missions into a beautifully designed product. Our hope is that you will continue to inspire your circle of people to play outside of the box one Mission at a time. 

Diane & Adele

Happy players are a part of our Mission. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at: or

To engage even more with us follow us on Instagram:

Music provided by RFM: Artist: PremiumTrax,,

Risks and challenges

As any game The Mission Cards faces the challenge that people don’t trust a game will enhance their experience. Trust us, The Mission Cards is a simple and cost efficient way to get people to engage without pressure. People play and accomplish missions at their own pace. This game has been tried and tested in various demographics from corporate professionals around the US, to moms and dads in Europe, to grandmas in California, to hipsters in Brooklyn. Playful Life Games LLC is in place to release The Mission Cards; we’ve perfected the design and negotiated contracts to produce high volume output so we are ready to pull the trigger as soon as we hit our goal.

Contact Information:

Adele & Diane

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