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Nov 27, 2019 10:35 AM ET

The Child Spinning Pin A cute pin based on The Child!

The Child Spinning Pin A cute pin based on The Child!

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 27, 2019


Possible spoilers for the first episodes of the latest SW show in this Kickstarter!

You’ve probably heard of the latest show in one of the most beloved Sci Fi franchises of all time. It’s one of my favourite shows already, even with only 3 episodes aired (as of the launch of this Kickstarter).

Not only that, but this show also has one of the cutest things ever: The Child.

It’s so cute I knew we had to make a pin on it, and it had to be special! That’s why we made this awesome moving parts pin: The Child spinning pin!

This pin is 2 inches wide, and has three pin posts for a secure hold! There are 3 layers, which means it is quite costly to manufacture as it’s essentially 3 pins + the cost of assembly. 

We are only charging ~20 USD (30 AUD) for this Kickstarter as a early supporter reward. After the Kickstarter the price will be ~25 USD. That means this Kickstarter gives you a 20% discount!

We can close it to better protect the little fella!

And in action:

 project video thumbnail

Wondering how it works? Here you go!

There are 3 layers of the pin. The top and bottom layers are fixed to each other and cannot spin, and are attached to your shirt, bag, or board by 3 pin posts. The middle layer is on a pivot in the center, and can spin. There are 2 options for this pin at any time: Open, with the cute little fellow showing, or closed.

Late December: Kickstarter ends

Early-Mid January: Funds received, mass production of pins finishes and pins sent to us.

Late January: Pins arrive and we send out pledges.

May the Force be with you.

Risks and challenges

We have fulfilled 6 successful Kickstarters fully, and a further 3 on our D&D account, Fungeons and Fandoms. We also run a pin business, and are experienced in pin manufacturing and fulfilment. The most common problem with pin manufacturers are errors in the pins, which leads to delays in production. We have accounted for this in our estimated time, but if there are delays you will be updated ASAP! Rest assured knowing you will get your pins.

Contact Information:

The Grumpy Unicorn

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