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Nov 27, 2019 9:35 AM ET

Rick Rollz America: An EPIC ROAD TRIP featuring FLGS & More A live Video series featuring the places we play, the people we play with, and the creators behind the games that bring us together

Rick Rollz America: An EPIC ROAD TRIP featuring FLGS & More A live Video series featuring the places we play, the people we play with, and the creators behind the games that bring us together

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 27, 2019


We believe the best communities are the ones that form around tabletop games. Whether it’s board games, roleplaying, cards, miniatures, or party games, bringing people together is what tabletop games do best.

You are invited to join Rick Rollz America as one of the Road Warriors, with host Rick Ankney on an epic road trip across America, visiting the incredible local game stores where communities gather, and talking with the amazing designers, artists, publishers and other creators who make the games we love. Together, Rick Rollz America will shine a spotlight on everything great about tabletop gaming and grow our communities by creating captivating videos that show what everyone else has been missing out on!

With Rick at the wheel, The ROAD WARRIORS will go behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in the tabletop industry and see how they’re bringing more games to more people. If we’re lucky (and Rick is famously lucky), we’ll even get some exclusive sneak previews of upcoming games!

Most importantly, the landmarks on our adventure are the pillars of every community: the FRIENDLY LOCAL GAME STORES! These bastions of games and gathering are where tons of communities are built, and this road trip will pay homage to the noble mission we share with them: to grow the ranks of tabletop gaming. The Road Warrior(s) will crash through the front doors and show off the space, staff, and selection of some of the greatest friendly local game stores across the country.

We would be honored to have your support as a member of Rick’s Road Warriors on this epic road trip. We have some incredible loot for Road Warriors and Rally Point retailers to show they were one of the first to join us on this journey!

We are also very proud to be welcoming some fantastic companies that will be providing sponsorship in various forms over the course of Rick Rollz America. Here are some of those we have secured already!



Who is your fearless Host?

You probably know Rick Ankney as the former host of innovative video series such as “Painting Happy Lil Minis”, “Board Games and Beyond”, and “Building Character.” Rick has been making tabletop content and spreading gaming for over 5 years, and was the Production Manager of Sapphire Studios: the home of Game Trade Media and Previews World Weekly for comics and games distribution companies.

HERE is a look at Painting Happy Lil Minis 

HERE is look at some Building Character episodes 

And HERE are a bunch of interviews from Origins Game Fair 2019: 

But did you know that Rick is a retired Navy Corpsman, was a bona-fide Roadie, and loves the open road? Rick Rollz America is an engaging project that combines his loves of tabletop, travelling, and talking to people who share his passions.

But he can’t do it alone! Together with your help, Rick will take the road less travelled (and many well-travelled roads, too) to personally visit the people who make the magic of tabletop gaming possible, and share it all with the world. Your support as a member of The Road Warriors means you’ll be there right beside him, fueling this year-long adventure of connecting communities across the country. 

The rubber hits the road on January 1st, 2020! Rick  will be out on the road through December, updating you all along the way via social media, so be sure to follow Rick Rollz America everywhere:


Twitter: @RickRollzAmerica

Instagram:  Rickrollzamerica


Youtube:Rick Rollz America

If you’ve made it this far, thanks a ton for learning about Rick Rollz America. If you’re a fan of tabletop games and value the communities that make this hobby so special, we would love your support. Even if you can’t pledge right now, sharing this campaign and our social media account links with your friends would mean the world to us.

Hopefully we’ll see you out there on the road and can get in some games together!


Shipping will be collected in backerkit at the end of the campaign.  Shipping for most pledges (Minus Retailer Pledges)will be $10.00 or less in the USA depended on pledge level selected. 

Risks and challenges

As with anything there is the risk of things getting in the way, but we will do all in our power to ensure that doesn’t happen with this project as all the rewards have already been curated. With the actual Rick Rollz America Media Tour there are things that cannot be avoided, however we will be doing again all in our power to mitigate those instances (like sickness, acts of God and the actual unknown x factors.)

Contact Information:

Richard Ankney

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