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Nov 27, 2019 2:10 PM ET

Kiri - Screenless smart toy for languages, STEM and more A playful and hands-on way to learn an expanding library of subjects, all without a screen. Montessori approved, for ages 1 and up

Kiri - Screenless smart toy for languages, STEM and more A playful and hands-on way to learn an expanding library of subjects, all without a screen. Montessori approved, for ages 1 and up

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 27, 2019


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Kiri is a tech-forward smart wooden block for ages 1 and up. Built on Montessori principles, it teaches languages, STEM, and an expanding library of subjects, all without a screen. It’s super fun, super intuitive, and we need you to help us make it happen! 

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Why Kiri?

We started building Kiri over 2 years ago with a simple premise: Is there a way to build a tech-forward toy without a screen that is still fun and engaging?

The benefits of technology in education are clear: Kids learn better in a more personalized way. However, studies have shown that too much screen usage among children has been linked to depression, ADHD, anxiety, and social issues.

Even tech visionaries like Steve Jobs knew the danger of too much screen time. Referring to his kids: “Actually we don’t allow the iPad in the home. We think it’s too dangerous for them in effect.”

Kiri solves that problem, and more:

Kiri is fun for all children!

The original wooden block encouraged learning through play: teaching letters, numbers, creativity and more. This humble toy served as our inspiration — we just decided to make it a little smarter. 

Simply place the block on a tile and watch what happens!

Light – The block’s LED light will glow indicating its contact with a tile. If the tile is the color blue, the light will glow blue.

Sounds – The block’s speaker will make a noise. If the tile is a picture of a cat, the block will say “cat” and then meow. 

Physical play – is required and increases awareness and attention in children.

Kiri allows your child to learn and practice languages, from the most basic to advanced levels. Kiri comes with English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese already built-in. And we plan to progressively add new languages in 2020 and beyond.

Each tile pack supports all 3 languages as soon as you open the box – there’s nothing you need to do. Just tell Kiri what language you want, then play.

As we add new languages, our software will update and you’ll have access to the additional languages for free.

Through play, your child will learn skills such as counting, animals, and basic phrases in 3+ languages.

This tile gives you the ability to change the blocks mode from English, Spanish, Chinese and between explore and game mode.

Optional Smart Subscription

Kids grow and develop quickly and so should their lessons. When you sign up for our Kiri subscription, we’ll send you a new curated pack of tiles each month, providing an entirely new set of lessons and games to experience.

There are dozens of tile packs available in an expanding library of subjects. Numbers, animals, shapes, and math, just to name a few.

We’ll continue to add new packs – the options are nearly endless. We love suggestions too, so please message us and let us know which packs you’d love to see next. (A few backers have already sent us some great ideas.)

Food Pack

Kiri is designed and built on Montessori principles.  

Repetition – “Repetition is the secret of perfection.” Kiri quizzes give kids fun and instant feedback on what they’ve learned.

Child-Centered – Each child learns at their own pace. Kiri packs fits perfectly into your children’s development cycle.

Hands-on Learning  Children learn through their senses. Kiri teaches children critical skills through play.

Montessori Materials – Inspired by classic wooden blocks, Kiri is made from natural materials providing a calming, environment.

Once you purchase, you’ll be able to choose 2 of the following tile packs as part of your Kiri Starter Pack. We’ll send you a survey at the end of the campaign to let us know your choices.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve tested Kiri with hundreds of people and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Kiri is loved by:

  • Parents
  • Kids
  • Teachers
  • Guidance counselors
  • Speech therapists
  • Parents of special-needs children
  • Children with autism

Kiri was uniquely created for children of all learning abilities. We spent hours collaborating with parents and children with different abilities in order to help it meet the needs of this unique and special community.

Kiri is able to teach children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delays, Learning Disabilities, and more. It’s approachable look and friendly voice promote speech development, cognitive development, manipulative dexterity and much more! 

For our nonverbal friends, Kiri can even become the voice to express their needs.

Kiri is designed using only natural materials, meaning you’re not adding to the plastic toy collection.

Kiri is the Japanese name for the fastest growing tree in the world, the paulownia or “princess tree”. In Japan, it was once customary to plant a Kiri tree when a baby girl was born. The girl and the tree would grow until she reached the age of marriage, at which point the tree would be cut down and used to make a dowry chest for her family.

We believe that small childhood investments will have a big impact on the future. From early concepts like color identification and fine motor skills to more advanced concepts like languages, memorization, and mathematics, Kiri will grow with your child.

We are Harvard, Stanford, and BYU-trained engineers, designers, teachers and entrepreneurs. When we started building Kiri nearly 2 years ago, we set out to create something that’s versatile, adaptive, grows with your child, and – most importantly – fun.

Our goal is to provide the best learning toy your child will ever use and are committed to this promise. This Kickstarter is only the first step in our plan to reach that goal, and we will continue to add more packs and other products to pair with the Kiri block to enhance learning and fun! 

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We built Kiri’s custom board by hand.

Kiri is made with the latest technologies, including:

  • Custom PCB (printed circuit board)
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Bluetooth
  • Battery
  • LED
  • Mini-USB port

Shipping is a process and has the potential to cause problems if not handled correctly. We aim to provide you with the best prices. The cost of shipping is based on your shipping address and will be added to your order. This is at cost, so we won’t make any money from it. We will always keep shipping information transparent and work hard to make the process as easy as possible. For international buyers, you are responsible for any customs fees. We recommend you find out about your customs regulations and fees, so you can receive your Kiri hassle-free.

Risks and challenges

We have our manufacturing lined up but need your help in order to fulfill the quantity required. Once we have placed the order our challenge will be overseeing the production of our first full run of Kiri starter packs. Because we have designed a system instead of a one off product we will be diligent in overseeing the production of each piece. We studied out our available manufacturers and feel confident in our choice.

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