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Nov 25, 2019 7:20 AM ET

Little Champions of Justice 8 illustrated stories for children who want to change the world

Little Champions of Justice 8 illustrated stories for children who want to change the world

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Little Champions of Justice tells the true stories of eight remarkable girls and boys from around the world whose courage, determination and sense of justice will inspire children to change our world. We’re SO excited to be sharing it with you!

8 Diverse Stories in 1 Book

Your children will meet diverse protagonists, challenge gender stereotypes and racial biases, and find role models they can identify with.

Each story is written from a child’s perspective, immersing the little reader in lessons, such as showing courage amidst racial prejudice, being generous when you have little yourself and showing humility when you’re a king. Our protagonists include:

  •  Astronaut Ron McNair
  •  Revolutionary Poetess Tahirih
  •  Women’s Rights Activist Nhlumba Bertha Mkhize
  •  Environmentalist Richard St Barbe Baker 

16 stunning illustrations

We’ve paired captivating storytelling with 16 stunning illustrations, creating a wonderful companion for reading (and discussion) with your little ones.

The perfect gift for your children and all their friends

How we made the book

We’re a five-person team of storytellers, creatives and social justice advocates. About a year ago, we took a hard look at our kids’ bookshelves and realised how few books give our children the heroines and heroes they need — with diverse protagonists that are courageous, just and wise, and whose actions have contributed to change in the world.

To find and verify the stories, we dove into archives, interviewed protagonists’ family members and spoke to historians. We took great care that the stories and illustrations were culturally and historically accurate.

Thousands of parents, teachers, and others have been following us as we have written the stories, giving invaluable feedback and encouragement. We’re so grateful!

Why get it now? Limited availability.

The book will only be available via this Kickstarter campaign. Why? Traditional retail channels are not sustainable for an independent publisher like us, so we’re limiting our print volume to as many books as you buy here.

So if you want books for your friends and family, get a bundle of 3, 5, or 10 here now!

Rewards and Shipping

Share and get a free colouring book

To get your colouring book, send us a screenshot of your post via FB or IG.

Cost Breakdown

Here’s how the price of each book comes together:

Project Timeline


Post a comment or send us an email to [email protected] šŸ˜„

Risks and challenges

We’ve planned thoroughly for all next steps:

• Printing: We are printing the book at one of the world’s best printers and a specialist in children’s books in Hong Kong (They’ve been in business since 1897!). One of our team workers has worked with them many times already for another publishing house. No worries there.

• Fulfilment & Shipping: All books will be shipped by our 3PL (fulfilment) partner with vast experience getting books to our global audience. Again, that’ll be fine.

• Timing: We’ve planned our timeline generously and bar any shortage in global paper supply or a shipping disaster on the high seas, we’ll be on schedule.

Contact Information:

First Valley Books

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