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Nov 20, 2019 2:15 PM ET

Gwan Anthology, Volume Two Volume two of the award-winning international anthology exploring the immigrant, refugee, and 'foreigner' experience

Gwan Anthology, Volume Two Volume two of the award-winning international anthology exploring the immigrant, refugee, and 'foreigner' experience

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 20, 2019


The Gwan Anthology is an international collection that centers around the immigrant experience. We explore what it feels like to be an immigrant, refugee or foreigner in a “new world”, attempting to adapt, yet holding on to a sense of “home, family, and heritage”. The theme is addressed directly or indirectly through lighthearted or thought-provoking short stories, prose, and single image entries spanning nearly every genre. 

Volume two includes guest appearances by accomplished artists and producers such as John Jennings (Kindred), Hillary Wilson, Roye Okupe (Malika), and more!

Gwan Anthology, Volume One, was a timely collection done by more than 30 creators from 15 different countries. It was an honor to showcase the dignity in the search for a place to call home in foreign places through a wide array of styles and voices. Volume one included award-winning pieces recognized by The Society of Illustrators. The cover received two Glyph Comics Awards nominations. The collection won a gold medal from the Independent Book Publishers Awards. 

We decided to return for second volume to continue to uplift and honor the immigrant experience. This will give us the opportunity to show how some of our alumni have grown, bring in new emerging talent, and embrace experienced, award-winning creators who want to show their support for our vision.

We are seeking to raise a minimum of $5,000 – this will take care of our first print run. Our hope is to raise a stretch goal of at least $10,000. This stretch goal will allow us to grant an honorarium to comic creators who volunteered their entries. Except for a handful of commissioned works, “Gwan Anthology” relies on creator-owned entries from accomplished professionals and skilled emerging writers and artists. Help us show our appreciation for their talent, creativity, and desire to be a part of this great cause.

The collection is almost complete – nearly 200 pages! Our amazing editors and support team are currently helping to polish this anthology. We expect to go to press shortly after the campaign ends, providing plenty of time to deliver our rewards. 

Risks and challenges

We have taken exhaustive steps to reduce risk for this project. Over a year has been spent on planning and production. Our remaining challenge is completing our first print run. Your support and pre-orders will help to make this concern less of a challenge, and more of an opportunity; to demonstrate strong interest in seeing comic content bring a different perspective on a leading issue of our time.

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