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Nov 19, 2019 11:15 AM ET

Wizarding world peeves enamel pin A wizarding world enamel pin for potterheads

Wizarding world peeves enamel pin A wizarding world enamel pin for potterheads

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 19, 2019

Project image for Wizarding world peeves enamel pin


Hello! Welcome to my first ever kickstarter project! Im Darian! ”youreahufflepuffdarian” on instagram and im a massive potterhead and a true, proud hufflepuff! I met Sarah when i first started my harry potter instagram account, and as we are both hufflepuffs and pin lovers, we instantly clicked! A few months ago i bought up an idea with sarahxillustrations (sarah) that i would love to collab with her on a pin design, she has done many successful kickstarters and pre orders herself featuring amazing harry potter pins (like her privet drive collection) and i really wanted a chance to do my own kickstarter. 

So i came up with an idea of a design that i wanted and sarah bought it to life and the design was everything that i wanted and more! I feel like Peeves is a very underrated character as we sadly dont get to see him in the films, i also said to sarah that i wanted the quote that fred and george said to him, about giving umbridge hell (like she deserved) and sarah totally made my vision come true! And i cant thank her enough for helping me with this! 

Peeves is a classic character in the books that we all know (and love?) even though hes an absolute pain, but i feel like there is definetly a peeves gap in the enamel pin market so i knew i needed to show our favourite poltergeist some love! Myself and Sarah really, really hope you love this pin just as much as we do! 

We decided that i would do the kickstarter instead of Sarah, as this helps me to gain experience with how kickstarter works (as i plan on making my own pins in the future) and it also takes some of the stress off of sarah due to her other kickstarters and pre order pins. I really hope you love the design that me and sarah have created and im so excited to see this come alive in pin form! 

The pin itself will be 38mm wide/tall, it will be gold plated and hard enamel! Full of several gorgeous colours that really captures peeves’ interesting outfit! It will be stamped on the back of the pin with ”sarahxillustrations” and ”youreahufflepuffdarian” to mark our collab with eachother! 

If there are any questions or worries you have about this kickstarter, please feel free to message me on here or over on instagram and me and sarah will make sure to help you!

Risks and challenges

This Kickstarter will end on the 15th December so I’m really hoping that we can get the full funds to make this pin! I have set the time to march 2020 only because I’m estimating that being so close to Christmas this could slow the manufacturing of the pins down so I’ve put March 2020 just to be safe, but hopefully we could have the pins before then!

Contact Information:

Darian bailey

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