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Nov 19, 2019 12:50 PM ET

Monster Babes : Enamel pins 1.5" Enamel Pins with an assortment of sassy monster babes

Monster Babes : Enamel pins 1.5

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 19, 2019


Hello we’re Star and Kaden and we love Monsters. And girls. We love monster girls.

So why not some cheeky monster girl pins? Star has been wanting to make some monster girl pins for a while now and now we want to try expanding!

 The pins are meant to be a bit tongue in cheek with some terms, that are sometimes used against people, in a light-hearted way to reclaim them. 

Stretch Goals


Where’s the Money Going?

Most of the money is going straight into Pin Production.

Work is making it so that Kaden can afford to put aside the time to do quality checks and package/ship all rewards!

Extras – Production costs for the stickers and a few other extras we want to put in the packages.

Packaging – backing cards, mailers, etc. Everything to make sure your pins get to you safely.

Kickstarter – gotta pay them kickstarter fees!


We’re using the same maker that did Star’s previous soft enamel pins who have a very good track record between herself and other pin making pals.

Risks and challenges

Pin production can lead to flawed pins and a bit of back and forth to make sure all pins are made to standard as well. All pin art is finished and fully formatted and ready to send off. The current distribution is run by one person so it may take a while to get all orders sent depending on the number of backers.

Colors could end up being slightly different due to monitor colors as well as availability of the enamel but I will work with the maker to make sure they’re as accurate as possible.

Other obstacles come with international shipping and delays that come with customs and passing through borders. International shippers need to be sure to provide all necessary information to get their packages to them.

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