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Nov 19, 2019 12:40 PM ET

Foxy Ita Mini Backpack / Cross-body Convertible Itabag A cute and casual mini ita bag with several custom features for you to showcase your favorite enamel pins, charms, and flair

Foxy Ita Mini Backpack / Cross-body Convertible Itabag A cute and casual mini ita bag with several custom features for you to showcase your favorite enamel pins, charms, and flair

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 19, 2019

Project image for Foxy Ita Mini Backpack / Cross-body Convertible Itabag


**All stretch goals and bag color variants have been unlocked!!**

Hi! I’m Kimberly, the artist behind SleepingWolvesArt [Instagram]. This is the sixth Kickstarter I’ve worked on, and although I usually design pins I want to bring you something new this time! I need your help to create some cute, modern, and practical fox themed Mini Ita Backpack/Crossbody convertible bags! I’ve already put in funds from my own pocket to get this project started by having a prototype sample made, but I still need help to mass produce these bags for everyone, and hopefully in several cute colors! 

Post campaign, any remaining bags will be available for purchase in my Online Shop at the retail price of $55 each. Restocks will be unlikely so secure your bag here on Kickstarter by pledging during the campaign period and also get the discounted Kickstarter price, exclusive items, freebies, and be the the first receive these cute bags to share your flair! 

 Your support means everything to me, and anything you can offer is a big help! Whether you pledge for a bag, a pin, or simply share this project with others! ❤

Pledge Now, Pay Later!

  •  Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, where it is all-or-nothing. 
  • If a project doesn’t meet it’s funding goal, these bags will not be made, and you will not be charged so it doesn’t hurt to pledge early!
  • You will only be charged if the project meets, or surpasses, its funding goal by the set end date and the project officially ends. 
  •  (If Kickstarter is unable to charge your card on file when the campaign ends, you be notified and have 7 days after the end date to update your payment method before Kickstarter automatically drops your pledge.)
  •  Please be aware, our project goal is ONLY for the main product goal! There are stretch goals, which are the listed below, but only the initial goal and any met stretch goals at the end of the campaign will be made.
  •  See a color you like, but it’s not unlocked? Pledge anyways! It will help us reach our funding goal sooner and get closer to unlocking the color you like! You will be able to choose the bag color, style, and any add-ons you want after the campaign when backer surveys are sent out!
  •  Don’t see a bag tier qty you want? If you want more than 2 bags just message me! I will create a tier just for you!
You can change out the bow accessory with different color add-on bows OR choose a bag with a sewn on leather stamped foxy ita logo instead! Photo example TBA
Pins sold seperately at

 Keep in mind these are photos of the sample prototype bag! I have been testing the bag daily and taking notes on minor adjustments to be made to the final product to make the bag the best it can be. I’m happy to report it has surpassed my quality expectations and no major design changes will be required! :D

 **Final bag product will have my custom interior print lining! White moon and star constellation print on the interior lining color.

 Kickstarter backers be able to add extra inserts, bows, and pins to their pledge post-campaign through BackerKit! Scroll down to the “About Add-Ons” section for more information!

After reaching our main funding goal for the first Aquatic Aqua color, we will aim to unlock the following bag color variants: Basic Black, Pastel Pink, Blood Moon Maroon, Lavish Lavender, and Timeless Teal. 

If we happen to pass all color variant stretch goals a new color may be added and will be decided by a backer poll vote.

These are digital mock ups to simulate other color variants (actual color may differ slightly)

 Bag Dimensions: 8.5″ (H) x 7 (W) x 3.75″ (D)

  • Clear fox shape vinyl window. 6in (H) x 5.75in (W)
  • Two main zipper compartments: First to display your flair and second to store your everyday essentials.
  • Two types of adjustable straps provided: Pair of 30″ Backpack straps and one 60″ Cross-body strap. Straps are 0.75in (W) and reinforced with faux leather on top and soft canvas material underneath. Extremely comfortably to wear and easy to adjust!
  • Two small  open side pockets perfect for chap-sticks and other small items.
  • The front face is textured faux leather, and the sides, back and bottom are made with extremely durable canvas material reinforced with a water-resistant elastic to keep the bag’s shape firm and your belongings dry.
  • Has two side rings, one on each side to use for either the cross-body strap or to hang charms and key chains!  
  • Gold plated metal hardware.
  • Custom moon and stars constellation print for interior lining.
  • Two mini key straps inside the corners of the first compartment to clip chains for hanging charms, keys, etc.
  • Two small pockets in main compartment for small items: 1 zipped and 1 padded open pocket.
  • One large open padded pocket to store your phone, small notebooks, etc.
  • Comes with 2 FREE solid color inserts! One alternate color and one matching interior color insert. Attaches to front compartment of bag with Velcro to hold up even the heaviest of pins!
  • Bow is an interchangeable, snap-on accessory and can be swapped out with other color bows to create several color combinations! (If you would like to add more bow colors to your pledge, see the “About Add-Ons” section below!)
  •  (Alternative Bag Style!) If you don’t want a bow front accessory, Kickstarter bakers will be given the opportunity to instead choose the alternate bag variant with a permanently sewn on leather stamped label with the bag’s logo “Foxy Ita”. 
  • (For reference: Similar to how the interior label is stamped and sewn on)

Our  initial goal is to bring to life the first wave of mini ita backpacks in the first color: Aquatic Aqua. If we meet our initial goal we will  then aim to unlock other bag colors and freebies including the matching foxy ita hard enamel pin!

Main Project Goal – Aquatic Aqua – Unlocked at $3,500

 Gold Plating, Hard Enamel Pin – Free for all backers with a BAG TIER ONLY.

You can also back for just the hard enamel pin without a bag under the “Foxy Ita Pin” tier!

5 additional bag colors to unlock!
Matching color variants will be available similar to the first foxy ita pin!

 Gold Plating, Hard Enamel Pin – Free for ALL backers with a pin or bag tier!

If you would like to add additional pins, inserts, bows or other bag accessories to your backer reward, you will be able to do so AFTER the campaign through BackerKit! Please do not add additional funds to your Kickstarter pledge for add-ons during the campaign. Thank you!

Please refer to the list below to see what type of add-ons will be available post-campaign. If you have any questions regarding add-ons, feel free to contact me!

  •  Additional Pins: will be +$10 per pin. You can choose from any unlocked pin designs/colors.
  •  Additional Bow Colors: will be +$5 per bow. Available in any of the stretch goal bag colors we unlock during the campaign.
  •  Additional Solid Color Inserts: will be +$6 each. Available in any of the stretch goal bag colors we unlock during the campaign.

Bag Shipping Cost: 

  •  USA: 1 Bag +$11  |  2 Bags +$13
  •  Canada: 1 Bag +$15  |  2 Bags +$25
  •  Everywhere Else: 1 Bag +$19  |  2 Bags +$37

**All packages will be insured and all packages will come with tracking!**

Pin Only Shipping Cost: 

  • USA: +$3 | International: +$7

***For International Backers : Please be aware of  customs taxes or duties your country  puts on  imported merchandise you purchase so there are no surprises. You are responsible for any additional fees your country  requires from you. I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your  understanding.

  •  November 15 : Kickstarter begins! 28 day campaign.
  •  December 13 : Kickstarter ends. Backer surveys will be sent out. 
  •  December 14–28 : Funds will take approximately 2 weeks to process and transfer to me. Bag order qty and details will be finalized while we wait for funds.
  •  Late December : Funds arrive & production will begin.
  •  Late February 2020: All product production should be finished and will begin to ship to me.
  •  March 2020 – Quality check and then delivery begins!

*Please be aware that Chinese New Year starts at the end of January on the 25th, and all manufacturing will stop for about 2-4 weeks. If there will be  any delays in production, this will be the main cause. Thank you for your understanding!

 ➥ Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Online Store | Past Kickstarters

Spreading the word and sharing this project with as many people possible is a tremendous way to show your support and help bring this project to life! So get sharing, tweeting, or whatever you like to do! ❤

Risks and challenges

This is my fifth Kickstarter so this campaign should run smoothly and on time. This may be my first bag design, but I have done plenty of research and confirmed every single detail to create my dream mini bag to make sure everything is perfect!

As I already have the sample produced, we can already see how high quality the bags will be. The only step for concern are manufacturing delays which would lead to a delay for shipping times. Either due to holidays or manufacturing issues that pop up during the process. However, I will do my best to meet shipping deadlines and bring a high quality product to each backer!

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