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Nov 19, 2019 12:00 PM ET

DOCE™ CLASSIC - Gaming on a whole new level™ DOCE™ is a new 2-player abstract, simple rules but deep strategy game. Created by Luis & Daniel Machado, father and son

DOCE™ CLASSIC - Gaming on a whole new level™ DOCE™ is a new 2-player abstract, simple rules but deep strategy game. Created by Luis & Daniel Machado, father and son

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DOCE™ Classic, beautiful finish wooden boards

“Best abstract game I’ve played this year!” – UnfilteredGamer

“It’s pure, simple, abstract goodness” – Josh (PSVG)

“Really well done. Really solid, really simple” – Unfilteredgamer

DOCE™ is a two-player strategic abstract game. It’s played with dice on an elegant wooden board. Our objective was to create a game that would be simple to learn, but that would require every ounce of brain power you have to win. Think of it as the hobbits of board games, as in: “DOCE™ really is an amazing game, as I have said before. You can learn all that there is to know about its ways in a minute, and yet after a hundred playthroughs it can still surprise you at a pinch.” We may have adapted a couple of words there.

Smart Iguana Games is a start-up, family-owned and operated business in Charleston, South Carolina. We’re avid board game players, we love to create new and unique games for all players out there.  This campaign was created to raise funds, further promote and give exposure to our newest dice game: DOCE™ Classic. Be one of the people responsible for helping bringing this new classic to life by contributing to our campaign. Thank you for visiting our campaign. We can’t wait for you to experience the challenge this game will bring to your table! 

Check out what people say about Doce™:

In tournaments, we use the Doce™ “Jumbo” version for the final match.

DOCE™ is an awesome 2-player competitive and strategic abstract dice game.

You take turns placing dice on the playing grid with the goal of making a line of 4 dice that equal 12, but you have to follow some unique rules that will definitely pose a challenge to even the most astute among you.

It’s a game of simple rules and at the same time very challenging and fun to play. The complexity, possibilities, and strategies can run very deep.

A game that does not depend on the luck of the dice

 Rule book in English 

 Rule book in Spanish 

What is the magic behind the decision to place a piece on the board?

We need $4,500 to help bring DOCE™ Classic to life. The funds will go directly to complement production of this game in Ningbo, China. 

We, the Smart Iguana Games Team, have been through this process and we have learned a lot about it, manufacturing in China, overseas transportation, and fulfillment. We will make our best so you can receive the best quality game as schedule.

We believe deeply in this game and we took a risk, a considerable risk for a small company like ours: to manufacture a partial batch of games regardless of the result of this campaign. Our goal here is to have them ready and start fulfillment to you -Early orders- before December 24th, not an easy task, but we’ll do our best together with our fulfillment partner to achieve this goal. The money raised with this campaign will be used to help covering the financial risk we have taken and to guarantee additional production of the game to all our backers.

You will notice that we’re not including any stretch goals in this campaign. This is because we’ve included all features to have the best possible version of the game right from the start.

Kids will have fun improving their problem-solving and strategy abilities

DOCE™ can help people of all ages develop strategy, concentration and reasoning skills. We believe this is of especially great advantage for youngsters and the elderly. This is why, outside and not related to this kickstarter campaign, we’ve decided to donate 100 copies of DOCE™ Classic to schools and senior living facilities around the world. A small quantity that we hope to increase every year.

DOCE™ Classic – Full set 

  • 5×5 wooden grid board, rendered in black.
  • 11 white dice with silver pips
  • 11 black dice with silver pips
  • 2 red blocker dice
  • 2 clear marker discs
  • 1 wooden scoreboard
  • 2 white wooden score trackers
  • 2 black wooden score trackers
  • Elegant box with spot UV print. 
Strategy and entertainment in DOCE™ have no limits



The Ghost Of Ancient Times (GOAT for short) takes over so we can present to you our very first (fake) clip show! He takes us back to recordings from a week or two prior as we talk with Christian from Osprey Games (we get the Osprey Treatment), Dan from Smart Iguana Games about his new game: DOCE, and plenty of game reviews recorded back in the yestertimes of January 2018 at SCARAB 2018.

[1:01:00] Interview: Smart Iguana Games – DOCE



 project video thumbnail

We’ve worked hard on trying to make shipping costs as low as possible, and because we didn’t reach our target price for you, we’ve decided to pay part of the shipping costs for all pledges.

For FULL DOCE™ CLASSIC SET early-orders (December 2019), shipping cost of $5 is charged in the pledge.

  • For USA (continuous states): $5.00
  • Alaska and Hawaii: $8.00 (difference, $3.00, will be charged after end of campaign).
  • Puerto Rico: $7.00 (difference, $2.00, will be charged after end of campaign).

ALASKA AND HAWAII: (Difference with shipping paid with the pledge will be charged after end of campaign)



PUERTO RICO: (Difference with shipping paid with the pledge will be charged after end of campaign)



For FULL DOCE™ CLASSIC SET (Delivery: April 2020), 2 X FULL DOCE™ CLASSIC SET and 4 X FULL DOCE™ CLASSIC SET shipping will be charged after campaign ends using our pledge manager, except USA which is added during the pledge.  

For all ages, you can develop and maintain reasoning and strategy skills

November 2019:

  • Completion of first batch for early orders.
  • Kickstarter campaign launch.

December 2019:

  • Kickstarter campaign wrap up.
  • Receive Kickstarter campaign funds.
  • Start and finalize fulfillment of early orders.
  • Start manufacturing of non early orders.

January 2020:

  • Start delivering of 100 games to schools and senior living facilities.
  • Follow up manufacturing.
  • Non-early orders backers database consolidation.

February 2020:

  • Start overseas shipping.

March 2020:

  • Overseas shipping and reception of games.
  • Start fulfillment of non-early orders.

April 2020:

  • Complete fulfillment of non-early orders.






 Smart Iguana Games 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t pledge to our campaign at the moment, there are other ways in which you can support us and help us reach out goal:

Share our campaign on Facebook and other social media using the Kickstarter share buttons to help us get the word out there for our game. Thank You so much!

Risks and challenges

We are very confident that we can deliver our game successfully and on time. We have already been through this process of manufacturing in China, overseas transportation and fulfillment. We have learnt a lot and we are prepared for success and are ready to deal with any challenges that come our way in the process of making this game a reality.
For this campaign we have decided, at our own risk, big one for a small company, to manufacture a partial quantity of the games in Ningbo China, keeping in mind Christmas 2019, as our delivery date for most early orders, not an easy task, but we’ll do our best together with our fulfillment partner to achieve this goal.
We are dealing with different challenges in the best way we can with your best interest in mind. We are working closely with our partners to maintain the desired level of quality for the product and assure satisfaction to our backers.
We guarantee that we will treat every backer with the upmost respect. You will receive the best product we can make and you are part of it with the support you have provided us.
We’re always happy to refund contributions if for some totally unforeseen reason the game can’t be delivered to you at all. We don’t believe this is in the least bit likely.

Contact Information:


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