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Nov 19, 2019 11:50 AM ET

Cthulhu Playing Cards and Game Counters Custom playing cards, game counters, and other accessories based on the Cthulhu mythos

Cthulhu Playing Cards and Game Counters Custom playing cards, game counters, and other accessories based on the Cthulhu mythos

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 19, 2019


Deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, entombed within the strange stone city of R’lyeh, lies dormant a being of unimaginable power. To even look upon his form may cost you your sanity. He has lain beneath the waters for eons, and will continue to do so until the stars align, whereupon he will awaken and reclaim dominion over the Earth. 

The Standard deck will come with cards printed by the USPCC in a standard tuck box as shown. The Premium deck will come with Bicycle’s MetalLuxe foil card backs and any tuck box stretch goals during the project.
Just add the appropriate amount, $8 for Standard, $12 for Premium, or $18 for one of each.

Until such a time as he awakens, Albino Dragon will be channeling the pantheon of monsters and mysticism from H.P. Lovecraft (The Call of Cthulhu & other stories) so these horrific, tentacled, anthropomorphic monstrosities can invade your next card game in a complete, official Cthulhu-themed Bicycle playing card deck. 

We have a lot of amazing stretch goals for this project. Some of these include tuckbox upgrades like silver foil, glow in the dark ink, and UV ink that will glow under a blacklight.

Most of the characters in Lovecraft’s stories only witnessed statues of Cthulhu, but that was enough to drive them insane. Imagine what mayhem and entropy may be unleashed when other players attempt their best poker face while squaring off against a handful of masterfully-painted cards featuring the will-crushing visage of Cthulhu.

An example of some of the face cards in the deck.

Déjà vu?

The above excerpt may sound familiar. It was the opening to our Cthulhu Playing Cards project in 2012. Now here we are, seven years later, with so much more experience in designing quality products and getting them to you in the shortest time possible. 

Like any artistic endeavor, the more we look at past projects, the more we wish we could have done some things differently. So here we are! 

Pips used for the suits and number cards. The Premium deck will have a silver foil card backs using Bicycle’s MetalLuxe technology.
Our game counters are made of a ceramic composite material like the first project that we did. They will come bundled in a plastic tray, nestled in a handsome letter pressed box that we will upgrade through various stretch goals.

We have several opportunities to increase the collectiblity and value of the Premium decks. As we unlock each stretch goal, you will automatically have your rewards upgraded if you’ve chosen the Premium option.   

For this project, we’ve recruited our friend Jason Engle to give us his take on the Cthulhu Mythos. You have probably seen his work on Magic: The Gathering.

His style fits really well with what our brand has become. We don’t just make playing cards any more. We make artistic masterpieces so that you can hold an entire collection of art prints in your hand. That’s exactly why this is our first entry in our Masterworks Collection

Several of the images used for the court cards in each suit.

Shipping is always the trickiest part of a project, and it can easily bankrupt a company if not handled correctly. Shipping rates can change if a project doesn’t deliver on time, a country can get into a tariff war, or fulfillment partners can change their terms.

In an effort to isolate everyone from these concerns, and to handle shipping as fairly as possible, this is how it will work. 

  • When we are ready to begin fulfillment, your shipping will be calculated using the least expensive shipping option.
  • Your shipping cost will be added to PledgeManager for payment.
  • We will charge your account and ship shortly thereafter.

This will ensure that you are only billed for what you actually receive, not some arbitrary amount assign to your country months in advance. It also means you won’t have to pay for your entire pledge today and we can Kickstart our playing cards for less than we typcially have had to in the past.

Risks and challenges

We’ve been producing playing cards and poker related merchandise for almost eight years. We are using manufacturers that we know to create quality products, and that ship them on schedule.

With over 20 successful Kickstarters, most of which have delivered ahead of schedule, we are confident in our ability to produce and deliver exactly what we promise.

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