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Nov 18, 2019 6:40 AM ET

IBM Public Sector Leader Launches a Billion Dollar Venture Platform Aimed at Solving Global Grand Challenges

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 18, 2019

​​Stat Zero comes out of stealth as the world’s first venture-as-a-service platform, with its HQ in Silicon Valley. The founders bring together 20 years of experience and expertise to fulfill its mission: tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. The new digital co-investment platform aimed at aligning global entrepreneurship, government, and venture capital to broaden opportunity and transform communities and global economies.  

As part of SF Tech Week, in San Francisco, CA, they will have a soft launch at the Tulip Conference on June 3-7th, 2019.

Northeastern University alum Marquis Cabrera and Eddie Vaisman resigned from their recent leadership roles within IBM and TrueMotion to launch Stat Zero. “Stat Zero” is a digital co-investment platform for public and private investors to invest in impact ventures and emerging technologies. With a pledge of $250M, it will back ventures and unlock new market opportunities in overlooked communities primarily in the United States.”

While at IBM, Cabrera led a global public sector portfolio of more than $8 billion, where he helped to create Dubai’s Artificial Intelligence Lab’s Roadmap; developed a whole-of-government cloud strategy for Australia; co-created a digital cooperation strategy with the world’s first government Tech Ambassador and UN officials; shaped Blockchain deals in the Nordics to ensure food safety; developed open source intelligence applications for NATO countries; and advanced youth entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Among numerous accolades, Cabrera won the Boston Globe’s Massachusetts Innovator award at age 24. Prior to joining IBM, Cabrera founded Foster Skills, a nonprofit incubator supported by the Case Foundation, Microsoft, and State Farm, designed to reduce challenges facing foster youth.

“When I worked at the White House, then Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel advised me to go spend time learning public, private, nonprofit and entrepreneurship spaces to understand stakeholder interests. Over 10 years, I’ve worked in various sectors; from GovTech to energy and utilities to defense and social programs. At Stat Zero, we’re bridging technology across industries to help diverse communities thrive. As CEO, I am excited to work with some incredibly skilled operators, like my CTO Eddie Vaisman,” Cabrera added.

At TrueMotion, a Harvard i-Lab startup, Vaisman developed algorithms to make drivers safer. Previous to TrueMotion, Vaisman worked on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and in the Defense sector for Science Research Laboratory.  He also worked for Charles Stark Draper Laboratory on grants funded by the NSF, NASA, and DARPA in projects including high power photonics, satellite surveillance, and panic and disease spread. Vaisman has degrees in physics and electrical engineering and spent 6 years as a data scientist implementing predictive models using machine learning and signal processing.​

Stat Zero’s inaugural leadership and advisory team includes alumni of Google, CERN, Salesforce, Github, Harvard Business School, and Stanford University and the White House. Cabrera added, “So many talented people have aligned behind Stat Zero’s mission because we want to live in a world where zero-poverty, zero-homelessness, and zero-unemployment are achievable. Stat Zero will successfully leverage fresh solutions, in cooperation with incredibly skilled operators, to resolve global grand challenges.”

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